Yukiji Yamai (山井 幸支, Yamai Yukiji?) is a supporting character in Mahou Shoujo Site. He is also the butler and protector of Mikari Izumigamine.


Yukiji holds the appearance of a stereotypical butler in anime and manga. He has white hair that's balding as well as bushy eyebrows and a mustache. He wears a plain black suit to go with his attire.

Later, he uses Mikari's Stick, his facial hair and actual hair grow considerably shaping into a U shaped hair style and the tips of his mustache hair also changes color.


Yukiji is a kind man that treats Mikari Izumigamine with full respect and manages to put up with her bratty and sadistic attitude. He is somewhat of a masochist and is attracted to Mikari.

When he and Mikari were being held captive by a serial killer in chapter 52, Mikari provoked the killer causing him to put her in a gun point, he immediately tackled the killer, in fear of disobeying Mr. Izumigamine and Mrs. Izumigamine. During Mr. Izumigamine's last breath, he tells Yukiji to protect Mikari, which Yukiji agrees.


He's shown to be competent butler and servant, but also displayed exceptional skills as bodyguard as well showing above average strength,speed and reflexes for someone his age seeing as how he was able to pin down and knock out a much younger man than him with ease,and also showcased his skills in flying a helicopter.


After Mikari's death, he obtained her Stick, thus obtaining the same ability to fly across the sky in high speeds.

Electromagnetic pulse

A specially designed electromagnetic pulse gun developed by having been ordered to investigate the physical structure of admin based on one foot of Ni that Sayuki Ringa had previously dropped from Mikari.


  • The kanji for his name (幸支) means happiness (幸) and branch (支).
  • Yukiji's hobbies include housework assistance, mental arithmetic, cooking, sports and massaging.
  • Yukiji likes hot springs.
    • Yukiji dislikes Coriande.
  • Yukiji's favorite celebrity is Yuriko Yoshitaka.
  • Yukiji was mostly bald by his 20s.
  • He loved Mikari very much and her death devastated him deeply.
  • Yukiji's birthday is on December 24.[1]


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  1. Birthday greeting by the Weekly Shōnen Champion
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