Yu Sazanami (小波 ゆう, Sazanami Yu?) was a minor character in Mahou Shoujo Site.


Yu was a fair-skinned girl with shoulder-length brown hair, and blue/indigo eyes. She wearing a simple white, button-up shirt and a skirt.


Not much is known about her, but she might be a girl who suffered from depression and managed to feel a bit more joy when she got her stick. She however has shown two completely different personalities in the Anime and Manga


in the Anime not much of her personality was shown, she was initially seemed happy when she saw Rina approaching her in the rooftop and seemed shocked when Rina went in to kill her, indicating that Yu initially trusted Rina and was surprised at her killing her.


Yu's personality in the Manga is completely different in than the one in the Anime, she seemed to have gone completely mad with the Power her Stick had given her, proclaiming herself as a chosen being and the new God of the World and proclaiming that she was now free to do anything she wanted and can now control the entire world.


Yu had a difficult life with leg paralysis, in addition to that she had a stalker from which she couldn't escape and suffered from constant abuse, until she obtained her stick which recovered her of paralysis.

She was destined to take revenge on her stalker, but she was killed by Rina Shioi before achieving her goal.


Electric Discharges

Her stick allows her to create and shoot electrical blasts of electricity and persumably summon it from the sky as well,She obtained this Stick from Nana. Her stick was later stolen by Rina Shioi.


  • Her name Yu means kindness, distant and peaceful.
  • Her surname Sazanami means ripples.
    • The kanji for her surname means small (小, saza) and wave (波, nami).
  • She was the first character on-screen to be killed by the "Magical Huntress".
  • She appeared on the One-shot of Mahou Shoujo Site before it was serialized in the magazine of the Champion Tap!
  • In the anime, she is seen to be looking at her phone, waiting for someone. In the manga, she appears on a roof exclaiming that she can control the world, most likely because she was granted a Stick.
  • Her parents have never been seen or mentioned, but they will surely have been devastated by their daughter's death.
  • In the Chapter 136, since Rina Shioi was never bullied enough, she never became the huntress and never killed Yu.


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