Yatsumura's adoptive sibling was a minor character in Mahou Shoujo Site, it was also the child of Mr. Yatsumura and Mrs. Yatsumura, and the adoptive younger sibling of Tsuyuno Yatsumura.


Six and a half years before its birth, its parents adopted a newborn girl that they named Tsuyuno, because its mother believed she was sterile.

Some time after Tsuyuno's seventh birthday, Mrs. Yatsumura finally became pregnant with her first child, bringing joy to Tsuyuno, who never missed a chance to hear it kick.

One night, a burglar named Soji Odano broke into the Yatsumura family house and mercilessly killed its parents (also killing the baby, who was still in the maternal womb).

In an alternate timeline made by Aya Asagiri, one of Tsuyuno's friends, Soji was arrested with no chance of killing the Yatsumura family. As a result the baby lived (although their gender and name was never revealed).


  • This baby's name and gender was never revealed.
  • The kanji for its surname "Yatsumura" (奴村) can mean "slave" (奴) and "village" (村).
  • It is implied that its parents consider it their "miracle baby" because it was conceived years after Tsuyuno's adoption.
    • Unfortunately, it was killed when it was still in the maternal womb.
  • In the Chapter 136, Soji Odano was arrested because the police rushed in the Yatsumura family house from where Mr. Yatsumura and Mrs. Yatsumura were attacked by Soji that he had sneaked into their house to steal.
    • As a result; the baby and its parents were never killed, and to its adoptive older sister was avoided the destiny of becoming a magical girl.
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