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Tsuyuno Yatsumura (奴村 露乃, Yatsumura Tsuyuno?) is one of the main characters in Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

Tsuyuno is a fair-skinned girl with short Bobbed blonde hair and yellow eyes. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform. When using her stick, the tips of her hair changes to orange and blood drips from her mouth.

Personality Edit

Tsuyuno is seen as an emotionless girl, being straightforward and quite cold most of the time. After meeting Aya she begins to change, she slowly starts to open up and show emotion.

History Edit

Tsuyuno was born shortly after midnight as the younger of two twins, with her older sister technically being born the previous day due to it being before midnight at the time. Afterwards, they were given up for adoption as their biological mother died during their birth, their biological father disappeared, and their real relatives did not want to take custody of them. As a result, Tsuyuno was adopted by Mr. Yatsumura and Mrs. Yatsumura, after which she lived a happy and ordinary life.

However, one day a burglar named Soji Odano broke into their house and murdered her adoptive parents; her adoptive mother was pregmant at the time. Tsuyuno had hidden herself, but Souji found her hiding spot and told her not to tell the police, threatening to come back and find her when she grows up. She spend the next few years in fear of him coming back, until she is chosen by the Mahou Shoujo Site and decides to strike first.

Abilities Edit

Freeze Time Edit

Her smartphone stick has the power to stop time at her own will and can add one or several people to move so that they are not affected by her ability by writing their name on the cell phone. When she uses her stick, her emblem is a crescent moon

Freeze Time Edit

As the new Ni, she has the power to simply freeze time just by clapping her hands and can keep anyone unfrozen by thought.

Energy Discharge Edit

It was shown in the anime that when she was brainwashed and was chosen to be an admin, she was granted with her stick (which was originally her stick to freeze time) but with a new ability to discharge rose colored plasma balls where its size and power can vary depending on her will.

Mind Control Edit

She once used Nijimi Anazawa's stick to control Nana when she attacked Aya, Rina and her. She can only utter a few words as she didn't have enough strength to say more words.

Force FieldEdit

She once used Mikado Ikemata's stick to protect Rina Shioi from Nijimi Anazawa from afar using a lighter stick that can let anyone use magic at any great distance. But considering that she had been using it since they left the hospital, it took a great price on her body, making her lose much blood and going into a coma, and shortening more than half her life span. She also used this to protect her friends from Nana in Site Episode 11. This is the last Magical Stick she used before "dying" in the anime.

Distant MagicEdit

A lighter stick that lets anyone use magic from afar at any great distance. She once used this stick mixed with Mikado Ikemata's stick to protect Rina Shioi from Nijimi Anazawa from killing her with her stick

Slice Edit

In Episode 11 of the anime, Tsuyuno uses Sarina Shizukume's stick to try and defend herself from Nana, she manages to cut off Nana's left arm.

Trivia Edit

  • When she is happy or amused, she would still have a blank expression on her face.
  • She is often annoyed by other people.
  • Her name "奴村 露乃" literally means "Slave village".
  • She and Sakura Sakaki have many similar traits: They both saved the main protagonist of each story at a critical moment, thought the main protagonists' stick is useful and that they should partner up and become closer to the main protagonist. Sakura and Kayo began to have a sister-like relationship, while Tsuyuno and Aya began to have a relationship that involves some romance until it was revealed that they were both biological sisters separated from birth.
  • She likes honey, vegetables, yogurt, cute things and mascots. She dislikes meat and waking up in the morning.
  • Her birthday is on April 9th, a day after Aya’s.[1][2]
    • Her horoscope is Aries, along with Aya, Sayuki and Kayo.
  • In Chapter 104, it's revealed that Aya Asagiri is actually Tsuyuno's Twin Sister Chapter 105 explains that they were seperated in adoption after being born.

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References Edit

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