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Tsurara Takahashi (高橋つらら, Takahashi Tsuarara?) is one of the main characters in Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.

Appearance Edit

She is a fair-skinned girl with light brown hair, tied in the form of two ponytails, her eyes are color gold. The clothes she's seen wearing are her tennis club uniform and casual clothes from home.

Her emblem when using her stick is the sign of the zodiac Libra. She bleeds from her genitalia and her hair also changes to a light yellow.

Personality Edit

She's very cheerful. She enjoys her tennis club activities with her companions, later she has a closer relationship with Akai. Then she had sex with Akai and believed that the child in her tummy is Akai's instead of Kuraki's. When her photos spread throughout the school, many bullied her and laughed and Akai even treated her bad. She finally snapped and went berserk and run off the classroom to go to the rooftop to commit suicide by jumping off.

History Edit

She is a girl who had a difficult life because she suffered extortion and rape, on the part of her teacher Kuraki, who photographed her naked to continued raping her through intimidation. He finally stopped when she became pregnant.

Ability Edit

Laser Beam Twister Edit

Thanks to her electric drill-shaped stick obtained by an administrator, she can point at her opponents a laser beam which twists the target which then explode.

Trivia: Edit

  • Tsurara's case is very common, experiencing rape at a young age. But she still keeps smiling for others not to worry for her. Teenage pregnancy is also a very common case in Asian countries.
  • Tsurara translates to "Icicle" while Takahashi means "high bridge".
  • She, Aya, and Takuma are the only people that experienced/almost experienced rape in the Mahou Shoujo Site series. Unlike Aya and Takuma, her rapist actually succeeded.
  • She jumped off the roof in front of Hyoka and committed suicide.

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