Touko Arareya (霰矢冬子, Arareya Touko?) is a main character in Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

She has long black hair, her skin complexion is white, her face is almost expressionless, her tongue is slightly divided in two, her wardrobe is limited to a type of uniform/full black suit and only highlighting a long tie.

History Edit

One day, when she was walking home, she saw her house in flames, she immediately panicked, but she was too scared to do anything. Once the fire stopped, she found out that her parents died trying to protect her younger brother. She fell into despair and soon met A, who made her a magical girl.

Personality Edit

She has a sinister and mature aura covering up her sisterly vibes. Her goal is to heal her brother so he can be happy.

When she visited her brother in the hospital, after a bit, he wanted her to kill him and put him out of his suffering. She didn't and told him she was going to make him better.

After she has worked together with Kayo and Sakura, she showed a fun personality around them.

Her death has caused the idea of Kayo to fake her and Sakura's deaths. Her death has also a great impact on Kayo, though Kayo doesn't show it.

Ability Edit

Explosion Edit

Her conductor's baton was obtained by someone outside the administrators, A. She can exploit anything she points at with her driver.

Trivia: Edit

  • She made her debut anime appearance on Episode 6, although it was a cameo. She was one of the many girls who appeared in the photographs.
  • She and Explode M / Ribs , a character from Mahou Shoujo of The End have one thing in common. Being a magical girl to manipulate the explosion ability.
  • Hitomiko Yonekawa was blown up and killed by the left half of the face to someone who received a stick from A, it's unknown if Touko committed this crime or not.
  • If she faced Kosame Amagai as she was alive, she might have helped her brother with her stick.

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