Tie (ネクタイ, -?) is the stick of an unnamed magical girl in Mahou Shoujo Site.


The Stick is one of the Many Sticks copied by Kayo Komura through the use of her Compact Mirror Stick.


The Original appearance of the Stick is Unknown, but the copied version takes the form of a normal looking Long tie with angel wing in the top knot and its emblem The Female gender symbol ♀ in the middle of the knot, the Sun Emblem takes it place in the copied version.


Gender Conversion Transformation

The Stick's Power allows the user to transform into the Opposite of their own Gender (Girl to Boy, Boy to Girl), Initially deemed to be one of the most worthless Sticks due to having no Offensive abilities, but later became the most vital in defeating the King During Chapter 133.This Sticks Ability is similar to the Camera Stick.
  • Kayo Transformation using the Tie.


  • Curiously, the Compact Mirror Stick did not transform into the Tie, but instead created a Replica of the Stick instead, as Kayo was still holding the compact mirror and wearing the tie at the same time.
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