• Hi! I'm a big fan of the Mahou Shoujo Site wiki and I come on a lot to read info about the characters and stuff. I see some grammar errors here and there, and I was wondering if it would be alright for me to edit those errors as I see them?

    I know it says on the rules that you aren't allowed to edit many minor things for contributions, but I'm not really interested in the contribution count as you can see because my account is new. I'm only interested in contributing to improve the wiki and the reading experience for other users! I am also alright if you need me to provide more information (contact or just general information) about myself before you make a decision. 

    Also, earlier, I did not realize there was a rules page and I edited a few grammar mistakes on Misumi Kichiro's page before making an account. My apologies. 

    Please let me know! :^) Thank you. 

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    • Is there a rule like that? :v, I have to urgently change that.
      Of course, you can correct all the grammatical errors that exist, update the descriptions, etc. Almost always I have given everyone user the freedom to edit any article, so do not limit yourself and do your best to make the wiki grow!

      Whenever you have any questions you can ask me, I can almost always answer.

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    • It is rule 6 on this page.

      I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't breaking any rules by correcting any grammatical issues I come across. Thank you very much! :^)

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    • Ah, that rule, that is in case the same article is edited several times followed by small details. Example the article of Kiyoharu, almost always changing the format of genre, at this time dive Female genre (Transgender), but in a few hours someone will come and change it to Male or Female, and then later another will come to change that and so succinctly Grammatical changes are accepted without any problem.

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    • Welcome

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    • Ohhh, okay, I see, thank you! 


      Thank you! Hello! :^)

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    • A FANDOM user
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