Takuma (拓馬, Takuma?) is a supporting character in Mahou Shoujo Site. He is also the childhood friend of Kayo Komura.


Takuma is a fair-skinned boy with black hair and eyes. He's seen most of the time wearing his school uniform which is a simple dress shirt covered by a black jacket, as well as black pants.


Takuma is a positive and kind boy. He's always supporting his childhood friend, Kayo, and showing love and care for her, in more ways than one. He also worries for her as when he overheard her conversation with Sakura and asks her what is Magical Girl Site.

He's also perverted, seeing as how he looks at Kayo's panties everyday, hoping for a "miracle" to happen. But like any other boy, he also gets embarrassed when their "manhood" is seen.



When he began looking into the Mahou Shoujo Site after overhearing Kayo and Sakura he accidentally used Sakura's Stick after going through her bag, creating a large crater in a wall by accident.


From the Collection of Sticks he obtained new Stick, that takes the form of a toy club, that can instantly inflate itself like a giant ballon and can be used as a destructive melee weapon, despite enlarging itself, the club seems to be weightless as Takuma was able to easily swing it around to clobber Ichi without showing any physical strain.


  • His surname was never revealed.
  • His name Takuma means cultivation and jewelry.
    • Taku means which expand, open, support and pioneer while Ma means real and genuine.
  • When he and Kayo were children, they used to play baseball together, they still did from time to time.
    • They also used to bath together.
  • Since he is a childhood friend of Kayo, is implicit that he had a good relationship with Airi (Kayo's younger sister) and he was probably devastated by her death outside the chapters.
  • In the first and second year he and Kayo were in the same class, but in the third year Takuma was transferred in another class.
  • Like Aya, Takuma almost lost his virginity.
  • He has a photo of him and Kayo together on his phone.
  • In the Chapter 129, it was revealed that when he was investigating Kayo and Sakura due to overhearing about the Mahou Shoujo Site, he went through Sakura's bag and found her Videogame Controller Stick and used it by accident, this sparing him from being absorbed by the King.
  • In the Chapter 136, since Airi Komura (Kayo's younger sister) was never killed and Keiji Komura (Kayo's father) was never arrested, Takuma has never become Melissa's target to be raped by Gordon.
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