Takuma (拓馬) is a supporting character in Mahou Shoujo Site. He's the childhood friend of the protagonist, Kayo Komura.

Appearance Edit

He has short black hair and is fair-skinned. He's seen most of the time wearing his school uniform which is a simple dress shirt covered by a black jacket, as well as black pants.

Personality Edit

He's a positive and kind boy. He's always supporting his dearest friend, Kayo, and showing her love and care, in more ways than one. He also worries for her as when he overheard her conversation with Sakura and asks her what is Magical Girl Site.

He's also perverted, seeing as how he looks at Kayo's panties everyday, hoping for a "miracle" to happen. But like any other male, he also gets embarrassed when their 'manhood' is seen.

Trivia Edit

  • When he and Kayo were young, they used to play baseball together, they still did from time to time. They also used to bathe together.
  • His name, "Taku" translating to "expand, open, or support" and "Ma" meaning "real or genuine".
  • He, like Aya, almost lost his virginity.
  • He has a photo of him and Kayo together on his phone.