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The Magic Sticks (ステッキ, Sutekki?) are very important elements in Mahou Shoujo Site and Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.


The magic sticks are objects that confer their powers to the Magical Girls. These are delivered by Administrators of the Magical Girl Site.

These magic sticks can have the shape of any object, but they have a number of identifying characteristics. Each one has an Emblem that is unique to each Stick, as well as a pair of wings representing the Administrator who delivered it. They also possess a USB port that allows connecting to the Site when plugged into a device.


Creator of the Sticks is the King, the incarnation of the Planet Earth, as such all the Sticks where created to have incredible Powers and function beyond human understanding, with the only drawback being the built-in feature to siphon the Lifespan of its users as they use the Stick's powers as part of the King's "Test" not only does it siphon Lifespan but the Sticks Are also Built in to siphon the "Negative Energy" of its users regardless if their "Magical Girls( females)" or not, with each of the Sticks taking on the appearances of varying objects like Simple household objects(Water Heaters,Brooms,Vacuum Cleaners,Electric tools) to toys(Toy guns, Stuffed animals,yo-yo's) to personal items like Compact Mirrors,Necklaces,Bracelets,Shoes,Jackets,Underwears and Electronics like Videogame controllers,Cellphones,Remote controllers and even actual weapons like Swords and Axes each with varying powers.

Rules of Use & Characteristics

The rules of use of the magic sticks are explained in Mahou Shoujo Site. When anyone uses a magic stick, an Emblem appears in their eyes and in their body, becoming a Magical Girl.

According to the Administrators, whoever has the most negative energy gathered at the time of the Tempest will be able to survive. However, there is a contradiction to this, as it is impossible to gather enough negative energy without ending up dying.

It is shown in Chapter 96, that when someone who uses a stick dies from a death other then the depletion of lifespan from using a stick, no changes will occur and they will die a normal human. The only way to become an administrator is to die by overusing ones stick and losing all their lifespan, they then dissipate along with their Stick into black smoke where they are presumably transported into the Site Admins Headquarters. However, it is unknown what happens if transgender girls and adult women like Kiyoharu Suirenji and Reiko Maguchi died by using the stick. It is important to note that in the former's case her lifespan has not fully drained, and in the latter case she did not consume all her lifespan, instead, she was killed.

Although Sticks have a basic ability by default, that is not to say that sticks cannot become more powerful. Through unknown means a Magical Girl can achieve full mastery of one's stick, thus unleashing the full potential of their signature Stick which is called the "True Extent". The overall difference in power between a mastered stick and a basic one is enormous, and a Magical Girl who has mastered its stick is potentially capable of defeating a site admin on a solo battle. For example Aya's stick was only able to teleport physical objects, but upon mastery and unlocking its "True Extent" She can now even Teleport immaterial things,she can now successfully share Memories Among several people and even share/steal lifespan from other Humans beings allowing her to extend her and her comrades Life, she also further showcased enhanced versions of her Sticks original teleportation power she can switch places with other things and even teleport the magical Abilities/attacks to other locations becoming a more formidable asset now being able to battle one on one with a site admin. Asahi, Sayuki, Rina and Sarina have also displayed having obtained complete mastery over their respective Sticks and unlocked new/enhanced abilities of the sticks.

Usually, Sticks are only given to girls, as part of the King's plot to gather negative energy. The reason for this is that the King herself has become a Magical Girl. That is not to say that males are unable to use Magical Sticks, and in fact when used by them it will work as usual. However, if a male uses a Stick, the King will be physically hurt as a consequence. Though not stated outright, it is implied this extends to transgender girls, due to Kiyoharu being granted a Stick in the first place and not being told by Nana to join Misumi and Kaname to fight King.

List of Magic Sticks

Here is a list of all known Sticks in the series Mahou Shoujo Site and Mahou Shoujo Site Sept:

Magical girl Form Power Admin
Aya Asagiri Gun Teleportation Nana
Aya Asagiri (※)/Tsuyuno Yatsumura Smartphone Freeze time Ichi/Nana
Aya Asagiri (※) Violin Unknown Unknown
Aya Assagiri (※) Ipad Unknown Unknown
Aya Assagiri (※) Beret Hat Unknown Unknown
Aya Assagiri (※) Wrist Watch Unknown Unknown
Aya Assagiri (※) Tennis Racket Unknown Unknown
Aya Assagiri (※) Hand Bag Unknown Unknown
Alice Misumi Flip Phone
Table tennis racket
Rewind 1 minute in time
Create Bombs
Asahi Takiguchi Necklace Enhanced physical abilities Hachi
Genyo Ringa (※) Brush
Katana (Temporary)
Distant cuts and hardening
Hiroko Shimozono Remote Controller Stomach Poisoning Nana
Hyoka Nagatsuki (※) Electric Drill Laser beam twister Juuroku
Isoko Anjou / A (※) Hair Dryer
State Restoration
Space/Time Travel
Size Altercation
Nana (Unknown)
Jirou Asagiri (※) Panties Mind Control Nana
Kaname Asagiri (※) Panties
Teddy Bear
Katana (Temporary)
Mind Control
Laser eye
Distant cuts and hardening
Kayo Komura Compact Mirror Copying other abilities Nana
Kichiro Misumi (※) Hair Dryer
Fencing Stick
Varsity Jacket
Sports Cap
Spray Can
Table tennis racket
Teddy Bear
State restoration
Space/Time Travel
Size Altercation
Cut anything not Solid.
Breath Anywhere
Jump through space
Hypnosis gas
Create Bomb projectile
Laser Eye
Unknown Optical camouflage Nana
Kiyoharu Suirenji (※) Ring Telepathy Hachi
Kosame Amagai Box Cutter
Sports Cap
Varsity Jacket
Reflect Attacks
Breathing Bubble
Light Shots
Louise Misumi Flute Unknown Ni
Mikado Ikemata Mechanical Pencil Absolute-defense Barrier Nana
Mikari Izumigamine Broomstick Flight Hachi
Mr. Komura (※) Shoes Jumping Nana
Mrs. Ringa (※) Katana Distant cuts and hardening Hachi
Nanoka Pliers Disintegration Juuroku
Nijimi Anazawa Panties Mind Control Nana
Reiko Maguchi (※) Bracelet Ice Juuroku
Rina Shioi Hammer
Mechanical Pencil
Wooden Staff
Lighter and Roomba
Strong force
Change appearance
Magic-negating barrier
Electrical Discharges
Transport magic
Ryuto Saibara (※) Unknown Attack on the shadow A
Sakura Sakaki Videogame Controller
Sayuki Ringa Katana Distant cuts and hardening Hachi
Sarina Shizukume Yo-yo
Mechanical Pencil
Gun (Temporary)
Magic-negating barrier
Shizuka Ochi Unknown Blood Manipulation (Unknown) Unknown
Takuma (※) Club
Videogame Controller (Temporary)
Tatsumi Karasuma (※) Unknown Attack on the shadow A
Touko Arareya (※) Conductor's Baton Explosion Handling A
Tsubasa Hisamatsu (※) Unknown Attack on the shadow A
Tsurara Takahashi Electric Drill Laser beam twister Juuroku
Unknown's Camera Change appearance Nana
Unknown's Lighter and Roomba Transport magic Nana
Unknown's Syringe Erase 3 minutes of memory Nana
Unknown's Drum Temperature manipulation Nana
Unknown's Dice Object replication Nana
Unknown's Water Gun Petrification Nana
Unknown's Tie Gender conversion Nana
Unknown's Pinwheel Strong wind Nana
Unknown's Lamp Storage Hachi
Unknown's Eraser Unknown Ni
Unknown's Book Unknown Shi
Unknown's Flash Light Unknown Juushi
Unknown's VolleyBall Unknown Juu
Unknown's (※) Fencing Stick Flame A
Unknown's (※) Crossbow Explosion A
Unknown's Perfume Bottle Destructive Beam Unknown
Unknown's Demon Blade Kuimaru Venus Fly Traps Unknown
Yu Sazanami Wooden Staff Electrical Discharges Nana
Yuka Sumikura (※) PET Bottle Trapping oxygen Ni
Yuki Yamai (※) Broomstick Flight Hachi

Magical girls with this symbol (※) have special cases, for receiving in a different way than normal or not receiving them at all, here a list in order of these special cases:

  • Hyoka Nagatsuki: She herself did not directly receive a Stick from the Site but instead became a magical girl by sharing the stick of her best friend Tsurara Takahashi.
  • Isoko Anjou: She had originally somehow obtained her sticks from another source other than the Magical Girl Site, but it is unknown how exactly she got the sticks, However in later chapters she implied that she instead stole and horded the Sticks, by taking them in the School Lockers of Magical Girls who had just been selected by a Site Admin before they could receive them properly.
  • Kaname Asagiri: He became a magical girl by stealing Nijimi Anazawa's stick.
  • Jirou Asagiri: He picked up Nijimi 's stick that his wife kept in the room of Kaname and used it due to being suspicious of his son's recent actions and events.
  • Kichiro Misumi: He obtained usage of a Sticks,by inheriting Isoko Anjou's collection after her faked death and obtained the blessings of the Site Admin Nana to use them for their shared goal.
  • Toko Arareya: She had received her stick from someone outside the administrators (A).
  • Kiyoharu Suirenji: Being a transgender girl, The Administrator Hachi seemed to have confused her for an actual female by birth,seeing as even the King was surprised at the latter actual gender.
  • Sarina Shizukume: Being the successor of the 'Magical Girls Hunter', the administrator Nana gave her a stick, without the need for Sarina to have an unfortunate life,due to the latter already abundant negative energy.
  • Yuka Sumikura: She heard a rumor about a website that gave powers to girls with an unfortunate life, with this information obtained with the magic girls' website administered by Ni, but did not get her stick because the administrator was murdered before giving her stick.
  • Isoko Anjou: She said that she has been given a stick from a different route from the Magical Girl Site.
  • Tatsumi Karasuma: He, Ryuto, and Tsubasa received a stick from A. However, the shape and emblem of the stick are unknown at all.
  • Ryuto Saibara: He, Tatsumi, and Tsubasa received a stick from A. However, the shape and emblem of the stick are unknown at all.
  • Tsubasa Hisamatsu: He and Ryuto, Tatsumi received a stick from A. However, the shape and emblem of the stick are unknown at all.
  • Reiko Maguchi: She stole one off of her students' stick by looking at their lockers, hoping to destroy love letters at night, she took the stick and claimed herself as a magical girl despite being middle aged.
  • Yuki Yamai: He took over and owned her Stick after Mikari was killed by Juushi.
  • Mrs. Ringa: She took over her daughter Stick instead of Sayuki killed by Go. And her husband had also used Sayuki's stick once.
  • Genyo Ringa: He used to use his daughter's stick once along with his wife.
  • Takuma: He had overheard the conversation between Kayo and Sakura,and began to investigate Sakura, where he then found her Videogame Controller Stick when he went through her bag and used it by accident.
  • Mr. Komura: He has escaped from King's absorption by Tempest, so he seems to have used a stick before, but it's unclear of what stick he used or the exact circumstances of how he got the stick to begin with.
  • Aya Asagiri: in the new Timeline created by the Original Aya various Aya's from multiple different timelines seemed to have gathered and obtained a large number of Sticks,including the sticks from the Collection of Sticks and all the sticks originally belonging to her friends,As seen when they confronted Ichi in Chapter 137(Enter 82).


See here: Gallery of Sticks.


* A stick's power might be related to the Magical Girl's misery, for example:
    1. The power of Mikari's stick, Flight, might be because she doesn't want to be on the ground, where the killing spree that claimed her parents lives happened.
    2. The power of Aya's stick, Teleportation, might be because she wants to escape and just go somewhere where she can be free, even just for a little amount of time.
    3. The power of Kiyoharu's stick, Telepathy, maybe because she wants others to feel and understand her feelings.
    4. The power of Tsuyuno's stick, Freeze Time, might be because she wants to stop time and prevent the future from coming, due to her fear that the serial killer who killed her family promise to someday in the future too, come and kill her.
    5. The power of Alice's stick, Rewind, might be because she wants to go back in time to prevent something bad that happened in her past, later revealed that she wanted to know what happened to her little sister Louis who disappeared years ago and now wants to know the exact details of her disappearance.
    6. The power of Kosame's stick Healing might be because of her Terminal Sickness Cancer and her obsessive need to cut herself when in stressful situations.
    7. Yuka Sumikura's original stick intended for her,(PET Bottle) has the power to steal the oxygen from a set location around the user, this may be a directed at the fact that she and her former friends turned bullies, were all members of their schools swimming team, thus her stick can simulate drowning.
    8. The power of the Necklace Stick given to Asahi Takiguchi gives her enhanced physical strength and power, Asahi had suffered severe Physical beatings/abuse from her biological father along with the rest of her Family, which ironically ended with her beating her father to death in her families defense.
    9. The Katana Stick given to Sayuki Ringa was likely directed at the fact that she was born into a Yakuza Family and her misfortune of being kidnapped and being physically assaulted while in captivity was due to her being the daughter of her kidnappers rival.
    10. The Remote Controller Stick Given to Hiroko Shimozono had the power to make others feel nauseous and sick to drive away her abusers ironically also drove away everyone else and prevented her from fulfilling her desire to make friends.
    11. The Yo-yo Stick Given to Sarina Shizukume that has the power to slice through any material is ironically directed at the fact that Sarina herself was the victim of nearly being killed by being sliced to death on her throat.
    12. The Panties Stick Given to Nijimi Anazawa that gave her the power of Mind Control was likely ironically directed on her dream to become an idol and be adored and loved by everyone.
  • It was revealed that all sticks do not have the same amount of lifespan decrease. As it was said that Tsuyuno's Freezing Time ability consumes a large amount of her lifespan.
  • The abilities of the magic sticks can be used on the Administrators.
  • Kichiro Misumi is the human who has the most magic sticks. He keeps them in his basement.
  • In Site Episode 11 of the Anime, it is shown that the admins can destroy the sticks by using their own powers.
  • When using 2 sticks, the right eye will turn to the emblem assigned of the first stick used. Then the left eye will have the emblem assigned of the second stick used. This was shown in Site Episode 11.
  • It appears that admins have different names for sticks than the magical girls as they called the panties stick “magic wear”, the necklace stick “magic ornament” and the katana “magic blade”.


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