Soji Odano (小田野総二) was a minor character of Mahou Shoujo Site.


Soji appears to be a very muscular man. He had afro black hair and brown skin.


Soji was a cruel and ruthless man, since he had no qualms about killing a pregnant woman.

Soji seemed to be a pervert or a pedophile, since he was attracted to Tsuyuno and waited for her to grow up to rape her.

He never had remorse for killing Tsuyuno's adoptive parents (included her unborn adoptive sibling).


  • Besides stealing and killing, It is probable that Soji has also raped and killed many teenagers (probably girls) and children.
  • Soji's voice actor (Kentaro Sato) is the creator of the serie.
  • In the Chapter 136, he was arrested because the police rushed in the Yatsumura family house from where Soji attacked the couple as he had sneaked into their house to steal.
    • As a result; Soji never killed Mr. Yatsumura and Mrs. Yatsumura (including their unborn child), Tsuyuno never became a magical girl because of him, he was never tortured by the girl, and he was never killed by Sarina Shizukume.
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