God Won't Abandon Me (神は僕を見離さない) is the ninth episode of Mahou Shoujo Site anime.


The one who stole Nijimi Anazawa stick is Kaname Asagiri, Aya's older brother. Unable to tell anybody, Aya visits Sayuki Ringa's house with Tsuyuno and the others. Meanwhile, Kaname has set a new plan in motion after taking advantage of Nijimi's feelings in order to steal her stick. Kaname has already killed Keisuke Naoto and will not hesitate to kill again. Kaname heads towards Aya to kill all the magical girls and take their sticks.[1][2]


Ringa Sayuki invites the girls to stay at her home until they find out who took Nijimi Anazawa's stick. In the bus, Kiyoharu Suirenji and Mikari Izumigamine waved goodbye to Asahi Takiguchi, then Mikari asks Kiyoharu what she has been up to.

In Nijimi's apartment, Kaname Asagiri and Nijimi are having a conversation then Nijimi asks Kaname if he was the one who got her stick which Kaname replied yes. Touched by this, Nijimi fantasizes Kaname in a prince costume who is in kneeling position and giving her the stick while she sits on a chair and dresses like a princess. Then Kaname uses the stick on Nijimi and revealed his true nature, which Nijimi was shocked and cried and told him she'll do anything which he replied no thanks. He then threw a rope at her to hang herself, then Asahi barges in and punches Kaname and saves Nijimi with the help of Kiyoharu. Kaname then said to Nijimi how thankful he was for how she was such a chatterbox. Kaname was about to control Nijimi but Asahi punches him again, then the controlled Nijimi chokes Asahi with the rope which Kiyoharu also feels.

Kaname then ordered Asahi to kill Kiyoharu then Asahi starts running towards to Kiyoharu and Mikari and punches her and Asahi breaks out of his command after realizing what she has done. The remaining girls in Ringa's home are having a drink but was interrupted as soon as Mikari and Asahi brought Kiyoharu to them and asks Kosame Amagai for help. Mikari then said that someone controlled Asahi and made her attack Kiyoharu, and everyone was confused asking who it was. Aya Asagiri finally told the girls about her brother and used Kosame's stick and apologized and told them that it was all she can do and told them she doesn't want anyone else to die because of her. Kiyoharu then wakes thanks to the stick of Kosame, Kaname then barges in and controlled all the girls.

Then, they saw Nijimi being controlled by Kaname. He then asks Aya if he can sip her blood to heal his injured part which the girls looked at disgust. Kaname then mocked them and took Ringa's stick, and ordered Nijimi to gather everyone's stick. Kiyoharu then uses her stick to inform Nijimi what's happening, then Nijimi lost her temper about Kaname tricking her but Kiyoharu told her to calm down. Nijimi then blamed herself who told herself she will kill him and attacks him behind but Kaname cuts her with Ringa's stick.

Then, Nijimi narrates her backstory and Kaname told her she can die there. Thinking she is dead, Kaname turned around but Nijimi reaches for a bottle, smashes it, and stabs Kaname's neck with it, bringing everyone surprised. Kaname crawls over to grab Kosame's stick and raises it in the air but his arm was being tepped on by Kichiro Misumi (who is invisble) and Misumi puts everyone to sleep.

Aya wakes up, and saw the other girls surrounding Nijimi's body. Aya then tells Nijimi to wake up and begins to cry. She grabs Kosame's stick and tries to use it but Tsuyuno stops her, telling Aya it's too late as Nijimi is already dead. Aya refuses to accept it and continues to cry, Nijimi then recollects of why she became an idol, to see many happy smiles.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Kiyoharu uses her telephabty ability on Asahi then bid farewell to her on a lonely street. In the anime, Kiyoharu uses her skill when Asahi is getting off the bus.
  • In the manga, Kichiro Misumi investigates Kaname's history to find the relationship between him and the late Keisuke Naoto. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Kichiro went to the Asagiri residence to get information about Kaname and discovers that he has been missing all day and also discovers that his sister is also back and is involved in some problem after inspecting her room and seeing the impacts that were caused by Nana. Aya's parents tell him that she is staying at a friend's house. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, a meeting of the board of Administrators called to question Nana, who has had to deal with many problems, including collaborating with a human, the Magical Girls under her jurisdiction have caused many problems and she is questioned for having other interests that are not shared by the other members of the board. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Genyo Ringa (Sayuki's father), tries to kill Kaname, but Kaname uses the skill of Nijimi's cane to stop him and orders him to erase his memory. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, during the narration of Nijimi's past, it is revealed that her father owed a lot of money to some loan sharks. This led to the suicide of her father and in this way she obtained her stick, which she would use to avenge the death of her father ; Later, she used the stick to erase the memory of her mother and little brother and to start a new life again. In the anime, this story did not go much deeper.
  • In the manga, Mikado Ikemata makes her appearance as a Magical Girl, saving the loan sharks from certain death, thanks to the power of Nijimi's stick. In the anime, this was omitted.


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