Last Summer (ラスト サマー, Rasuto samā ?) is the eighth episode of Mahou Shoujo Site anime.


The group has come to the beach on Aya's suggestion to try to enjoy a little downtime, but Aya actually had an ulterior motive behind the trip. Aya tells Tsuyuno how grateful she is for everything she's done, and the two girls make a promise to each other. However, when they return to the beach house, they find that Nijimi's panty stick has been stolen![1][2]


The two groups of Magical Girls are going to take a break on the beach, Kosame Amagai and Kiyoharu Suirenji talk about the time limit that magical girls have and at the same time Kiyoharu loses connection with a magical girl, telling Kosame that she has lost many connections lately; On the other hand, Aya Asagiri invites Tsuyuno Yatsumura to go together in paragliding, while they watch the beautiful landscape. Aya breaks into tears as she deepens her relationship with Yatsumura a bit more, but also remembers the words of Kosame who warned of the short time of life that It is left to Yatsumura.

After finishing his visit to the beach, they discover that Nijimi Anazawa stick is missing, Kiyoharu uses the skill of her stick and confirms that none of the girls present took the stick, after reviewing a little more they discover that the locker was forced , Nijimi seeing this recalls the words of Kaname Asagiri who told her that he would help her retrieve her stick.

Kaname, begins to remember his previous encounter with Nijimi, whom he manipulated to give him information about what was the Magical Girls Site, Nijimi was a little reluctant to give this information, but the advantage that she has feelings for him and tells him that he is concerned about her welfare, Nijimi seeing this act of concern gives him the exact information that Aya and Yatsumura have her stick hidden, she also tells him the appearance of the stick and the skill it possesses.

Keisuke Naoto wandering on the beach meets Kaname, seeing him pulls out his knife and exclaims him because he seduced Nijimi, he throws himself in a frantic attack to kill Kaname, but he uses the skill of the Nijimi's stick to stop him, then goes on to to make a total mockery of Keisuke and his fantasy for an idol, ending everything with the order to go to the sea and commit suicide. Aya presence that her brother ordered to kill that young man and before he could see her, she hides, then Rina Shioi and Yatsumura come for her to let her know they are leaving, but she turns a second and observes that her brother is looking at her with a face of extreme malice .

After everything that happened inside a bus back home, Aya is thinking about the consequences that can happen through what she saw, while Nijimi is happy to see that her "dear" rescued her stick, but Kiyoharu uses her ability and discovers the secrets of both and decides to take action on the matter without notifying them all. On the other hand, Kichiro Misumi is inspecting Keisuke's corpse and they discover a possible clue as to who may be related to this strange suicide.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Kiyoharu warns all the Magical Girls that the Site Administrators are killing them all. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, you can see the struggle between the administrators and the protagonists. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Rina is the one who suggests going paragliding. In the anime, Aya is the one who suggests going paragliding.
  • In the manga, Kiyoharu along with Kosame quoted Aya to talk about Yatsumura's lifespan. In the anime, Kosame called Aya's cell phone, to tell her about the lifespan that Yatsumura has.


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