Combat Strategy (共闘戦略) it is the seventh episode of Mahou Shoujo Site anime.


Aya and the others learn that there are multiple Magical Girl Sites, each with its own administrator, and that the information Rina has on Tempest is fake. They decide to join forces with Kosame and the magical girls from a different site in order to discover the truth behind the sites and survive. But that requires teaming up with Nijimi who is still after Rina's life.[1][2]


Kosame Amagai explains to Tsuyuno Yatsumura and Aya Asagiri that she will soon organize a meeting with her companions, to initiate a plan to kidnap an Administrator to obtain information about the Tempest.

The next day, in another school, it shows how some guys are beating Kiyoharu Suirenji for being transgender. Then she goes to the girls' bathroom to clean the dirt and meets Kosame, who is cutting her wrist with her stick. Meanwhile, at the school where Aya attends, Nijimi Anazawa interrogates Yatsumura and Ay, to explain why they lied about Rina Shioi's whereabouts. They go to the roof to negotiate a momentary cooperation to kidnap an administrator, but Nijimi asks for a condition and is that after achieving this, she wants to have Shioi alone to kill her and fulfill her revenge, having no option Yatsumura accepts this treatment. Then before starting the classes, they give notice that a new exchange student will come who turns out to be Shioi; Nijimi seeing the presence of Shioi, lets out her hatred towards her, but is tackled by Yatsumura who prevents Nijimi from using her stick to kill Shioi and in the fight she asks Aya to remove her cane, leaving everyone confused by the curious situation.

Aya and Nijimi were scolded in the teachers' lounge for doing such an act in class; Yatsumura sends a message to Aya to meet in a park to talk to Kosame. Already in the park all the group of Aya is waiting for the arrival of the group of Kosame who are appearing little by little making their respective presentations and demonstrating the skills of their sticks. After introducing theirselves, Kosame explains that they are not the only girls she has asked for help, to get more information about the role of administrators and the Tempest, also tells them not to worry if something happens, thanks to Kiyoharu's ability they can know if they are in danger, to go to their rescue.

Kosame calls Aya to tell him something that Kiyoharu discovered when he touched Yatsumura's hand when they met in the park and that it's about Yatsumura..

Anime/Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Kiyoharu's teacher scolds her for continuing to dress as a girl. In the anime this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Yatsumura and Aya, before going to classes, begin to plan how to take the stick from Nijimi. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Asahi does not know the main characters until the massacre of Magical Girls by the Administrators. In the anime, Asahi Takiguchii is presented in conjunction with Kosame's group.
  • In the Manga, the massacre of the Administrators is presented to the Magical Girls who are looking for information about the true nature of the Tempest. In the anime, specifically in Episode 6, a short fraction of seconds was shown to the administrators murdering the Magical Girls.
  • In the manga, during the attack of the administrators, Nana, Ni, Hachi and Shi made an appearance. In the anime, episode 6 showed only Ni and Hachi are the ones killing the girls.
  • In the manga, Sarina meets Nana in a park, where Nana after seeing the sticks, ends up murdering Sarina. In the anime, Sarina meets Nana in a cybercafe, where Nana threatens her by shooting the wall behind her so she does not meddle with their plans.
  • In the manga, Kiyoharu checks a stall to find Kosame cutting. In the anime, Kosame gets out of the stall and finds Kiyoharu washing her face.
  • In the manga, the other girls don't showcase their sticks' abilities. But in the anime they do.


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