Revenge and Resolve (復讐 と 決意) is the fifth episode of the anime of the Mahou Shoujo Site anime.


After losing her best friend and getting hurt, Sarina Shizukume becomes a magical girl herself and vows to get revenge against Aya. Meanwhile, Aya looks for Tsuyuno and discovers she's in critical condition. Haunted by her past, Tsuyuno stops Aya from calling for an ambulance. After Aya learns Tsuyuno's secret, she cannot hold back her tears. Tsuyuno is moved by Aya's tears and resolve.[1][2]


Sarina Shizukume appears at the door, scaring Aya Asagiri, and begins to explain that she also became a Magical Girl thanks to Nana, who named her as the successor to the Magic Hunter. Soji Odano asks for help to escape, but Sarina uses her yo-yo to attack Tsuyuno Yatsumura and Aya, but they manage to avoid the cut; unfortunately Odano could not avoid the cut and dies to be cut in two parts.

Sarina tells Aya and Yatsumura that she gave Rina Shioi's location to Nijimi Anazawa that at that moment she must be on her way to the hospital to kill Shioi; for that reason, Yatsumura activates two canes that he borrowed from Shioi.

Arriving at the hospital, Nijimi confirms that Shioi is the one who killed her best friend, proceeding to activate her stick, but a barrier prevents her from killing her. She calls Sarina to ask what happens and Sarina is surprised by this news. Yatsumura starts to laugh that her plan to assassinate Shioi failed because she used two sticks to protect Shioi at all cost because she needs her alive for answers.

Sarina laughs at that feeling of victory they think they have and proceeds to attack them again, but Aya takes her stick and starts a fight between the two. Sarina, who managed to injure Aya all over her body, ends up tired of this situation and proceeds to attack more quickly and aggressively, wishing with all her soul to be able to kill Aya, but she notices that Aya is using the stick that creates a Magic barrier, avoiding all the blows that she throws. Aya begins to say that she will protect Yatsumura with her life for being her first and only friend; when hearing that Sarina explodes of the rage when reminding her that she was the one who murdered her best friend, Erika Kaijima, the reason why Aya replies to her that that was an accident when not knowing the ability of her stick, but this excuse was not enough to Sarina, that followed insulting her; tired of the insults, Aya lets out all the suffering and pain that she had inside of her for all the physical and verbal abuse that caused her since she arrived at school. Sarina calls her a hypocrite and the building where they are begins to collapse; Seeing this, Aya uses her stick to save Sarina and teleports her to school, while she uses the barrier stick again and protects herself and Tsuyuno from the fall of the building.

Nijimi begins to analyze who else knew that she wanted to kill Shioi, concluding that there were only two people who knew about this and proceeds to go to Aya's house; when she arrives at the place she appears before the brother of Aya, Kaname Asagiri.

Kosame Amagai appears in the hospital, while talking on the phone with Kiyoharu Suirenji about the situation in which the girl who has information about the Tempest is; She manages to reach the room where Shioi is and proceeds to take out her stick to use her skill.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Odano dies to be cut in half, but being sided with respect to Sarina's location. In the anime, he is divided in two by facing the location of Sarina.
  • In the manga, the nurse who surprises Nijimi in the hospital manages to recognize her. In the anime, this nurse does not recognize her.
  • In the manga, Naoto Keisuke is in the hospital where they are treating all those injured by the collapse. In the anime, Naoto finds himself walking through the streets of the city and, when he finds Nijimi, he begins to pursue it until he reaches the residence where Aya lives.
  • In the manga, Sarina got teleported to school, and was placed on a chair without scribbles, messages, and words that were. While in the anime, she got teleported to the same chair but with some scribbles, messages, and words that were hurtful.


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