The Successor and the Transfer Student (後継者と転校生) it is the fourth episode of the Mahou Shoujo Site Anime.


The new magical girl Nijimi Anazawa wants Rina Shioi dead, but Aya Asagiri and Tsuyuno Yatsumura still have no way to wake Rina up from her coma. Despite this setback, Aya's life seems to be getting better after meeting Tsuyuno. Then one day, her class gets a new transfer student. It's none other than Nijimi! Aya panics, but Tsuyuno isn't there to help her.[1][2]


Sarina Shizukume enters the Magical Girl Site, where she is welcomed by the Administrator; she clicks on their ear letting her see the countdown to the Tempest. In the hospital, the Administrator introduces herself as Nana and offers Sarina a treatment to become a Magical Girl and to commit her revenge for all the damage that Aya Asagiri has done to her friends and to Tsuyuno Yatsumura for causing her the cut on her neck, but in exchange she must steal all the sticks from the other Magical Girls and replace Rina Shioi, who is in a state of unconsciousness, as the Magical Hunter; Nana gives her a stick in the shape of yo-yo to close the deal.

Aya and Yatsumura are back home, but Yatsumura asks Aya why she was being harassed by Sarina's group. She explains that everything happened when she entered room 2-B and was presented as a new student, from that first moment Sarina tried to start a conversation with Aya, but when she was shy she could not answer her, leaving a slight resentment in Sarina that was going up exponentially as various events happened at school, such as the delay she caused when she could not finish physical education classes or during the reading class where Sarina again helped her out of that situation, but Aya could not thank her so was approached in the bathroom where the harassment began. Aya feels that all this was her fault, in that Yatsumura hits her forehead and they say goodbye to go to their respective homes. Yatsumura falls on the ground weakened by the shortening of life because of the use of her stick.

The next day, Aya enters the classroom and realizes that Sarina has returned, in that the teacher of the class announces the arrival of a new student who is none other than the famous idol Nijimi Anazawa. Because of the shock of this transfer, Nijimi and Aya go to the roof to talk, but Sarina listens to the conversation. At the exit, Aya goes to the teachers' lounge to ask for brochures to take to Yatsumura, while Nijimi is questioned by Sarina, who gives her information about Shioi. Aya arrives at the place where Yatsumura lives and finds her lying on the bloody floor, in that she observes the body of Soji Odano who is being tortured by Yatsumura, she relates that that subject was the cause of her being a Magical Girl.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Sarina's doctor is surprised by her quick recovery. In the anime, this event was omitted.
  • In the manga, Aya recounts in great detail as the beginning of the harassment by the group of Sarina, showing how they tormented her in different ways to bring her to despair. In the anime, there was a brief account of what happened.
  • In the manga, during the story of Aya, Makoto Hinomoto appears before her to ask if she had already adapted to the school environment. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, during the monologue of Kaname Asagiri, the transition of scenes takes place since he starts in his room in the dark, until he arrives at his school where he criticizes all the beings that surround him. In the anime, the transition of scenes takes place in an avenue where he keeps his monologue until arriving at an assortment store where he gets to know Naoto Keisuke.
  • In the manga, when Kaname and Naoto meet, Naoto falls to the ground for the shock of receiving the news of Nijimi's retirement, so Kaname calls the emergency room for Naoto to be taken. In the anime, this was omitted.


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