Tempest (テンペスト) is the second episode of the Mahou Shoujo Site Anime.


Tsuyuno Yatsumura is another magical girl who was given a stick that can stop time by the Magical Girl Site. She used it to retaliate against Sarina Shizukume. Tsuyuno warns Aya Asagiri. Using the stick shortens your lifespan, and that someone is killing magical girls for their sticks, and that someone is closing in.[1]


Tsuyuno Yatsumura explains everything about the Magical Girl Site and about the Magical Hunter to Aya Asagiri. Then, the Magic Hunter appears and tries to assassinate Aya, but is stopped thanks to the joint use of the skills of the Yatsumura and Aya canes.

It is discovered that the Magical Hunter is really Rina Shioi, who is interrogated by Tsuyuno to discover her true intentions after murdering many Magical GIrls, letting them know about the back door that the website has, which shows a strange account back and a note clarifying everything about the end of the world that will occur when the Tempest starts and also reveals that you can only survive the storm by gathering the strongest canes.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • Unlike in the manga, Makoto Hinomoto was walking home with Aya until Aya spotted Rina Shioi. While in the anime, he doesn't make an appearance with Aya walking home by herself.
  • In the manga, Sarina is shown when she is admitted to a hospital for the cut on the neck caused by Tsuyuno Yatsumura. In the anime, it was omitted.
  • In the manga, Ai Kawano breaks up screaming when she sees Aya in the classroom. In the anime, Ai only kneels in a hallway of the school while she breathes heavily.
  • The place of Rina's appearance was changed after receiving the shot of Aya Asagiri. In the manga, Shioi appears on a sidewalk path where Aya took a walk with Makoto Hinomoto. In the anime, she appears under the bridge where the kitten Aya found.
  • The anime changed the skill of Aya's stick. In the manga, the ability of the cane works in places where the user had strong emotions or feelings. In the anime, the ability allows her to teleport anywhere she thinks.
  • In the manga, when Tsuyuno was with Aya while time was stopped, she strips off the clothes of 2 males and makes them do erotic things to each other. In the anime, this was omitted.


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