Breaking (ブレイキング) is the tenth episode of Mahou Shoujo Site anime.


Nijimi Anazawa died protecting her allies from Kaname Asagiri. Aya Asagiri blames herself and locks herself in her room. However, she has changed ever since she met Tsuyuno Yatsumura. Her words help Aya get back on her feet as she is going to be stronger. Watching over her is someone unexpected. A fully determined Aya appears before her friends again at Nijimi's funeral.[1][2]


Aya Asagiri laments the death of Nijimi Anazawa, Rina Shioi plans to stop her but was stopped by Tsuyuno Yatsumura and told her that let Aya cry a little longer. The next day, the death of Nijimi is revealed to the public, in the school, all the students are invited to give condolences to Nijimi; Tsuyuno and Rina talked about Aya's condition, what happened a few days ago, the mysterious person who saved them, with Rina asking if they have an ally which Tsuyuno replied that she doesn't know yet and it is dangerous to jump into conclusions, and Kaname Asagiri. Rina then said that their main pressure on them is finding a place to sleep as Aya's home is unavailable with everything going on, Rina also joked that Tsuyuno is disappointed because she won't get to bathe with Aya anymore, which leaves Tsuyuno to blush and asked her what was she talking about. Rina then grabbed her phone and rings Mikari Izumigamine to ask about staying in her place.

Meanwhile at the Asagiri residence, Kichiro Misumi is visiting as Mr. Asagiri assures that his son was a good boy, studious with a great future, to which Misumi responds that murder suspects generally become fugitives, he too asks about his sister, Aya but Mr. Asagiri declares that she is irrelevant compared to Kaname. Aya is inside her room remembering all the moments she shared with Nijimi, and wonders why all she can remember was Nijimi smiling then she begins to blame herself for not saying that her brother was the one with the stick, if only she trusted everyone more, repeating over and over again that she will not allow another person to die; After reflecting, she runs out of her house, heading to the building where Yatsumura lived, which collapsed, searching through the rubble for any sign of her walking sticks.

On the other hand, in the board of Administrators, Nana clarifying any questions to the other administrators about the plan she has to distribute the canes better, while also boasting about how her subordinate could take care of Kaname's affair, she also she says that soon the other girls who are causing problems will be eliminated.

Aya is siiting on a grassy hill, continuing with the thoughts of repentance for Nijimi's death, when she is surprised by Sarina Shizukume who returns her stick to form a temporary alliance. The next day is the funeral of Nijimi, all attend to give the last goodbye to the idol, meanwhile the group of Magical Girl wonder when Aya will come to say goodbye to Nijimi, but moments before they closed the casket Aya shows up saying goodbye, promising that no one else is going to die. After this Aya takes out her stick and teleports all the girls, but at that moment the building explodes causing a great commotion among the audience, Misumi finds Nana sitting on a rubble and asks her why she caused this, to which she responds that it's his fault for not taking care of those girls when he had the opportunity, but he replies that his mission was only to obtain the stick that Kaname had stolen.

Aya teleports all the girls to an abandoned building, where she shows them the news of the explosion in the building where Nijimi was, while they begin to think that it was the work of the administrators to assassinate her, but they also wonder how Aya got her stick, in it appears Sarina who was the one who returned the cane, at that moment Aya threatens the other girls to give their sticks, but the girls react and are against what she says, stating that they are all magical girls who fight against the administrators, despite using the stick to take their lives, Aya seeing this decides to use another stick which leads Rina angry and tries to beat her but Yatsumura stops her and slaps Aya and reminds her of the promise they had made, affirming that she alone can not bear the guilt and that she must share it with all the others, being involved in the same problem.

Sarina explains that she was aware of the explosion and that she had a mission to kill the girls who managed to survive, but that she would no longer be a puppet for Nana. So they all filled up with courage and prepare to go against the administrators.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Kaname is seen awakens in a dark room, naked, tied by chains on his hands and feet, Misumi appears before him, then proceeds to undress while lighting a candle, revealing his gallery of sticks to Kaname, later Misumi walks towards to Kaname and begins to sexually abuse him. This was shown in Episode 12 instead.
  • In the manga, during Tsuyuno and Rina's conversation, Makoto Hinomoto interrupts them to ask about Aya's status. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, one of the boys who harasses Kiyoharu Suirenji, is seriously injured by Kiyoharu, who used her telepathy. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Kiyoharu clarifies to Kosame Amagai that there is one person in her mind ever since she lost connection with her, which is Alice Misumi. She told Kosame that she didn't notice but she lost contact with her, and decides to look for the reason of her disappearance. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, during Kichiro's visit to the Asagiri residence, Hinomoto arrives at the house, to deliver the class notes to Aya, but she does not answer him. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Aya texts Tsuyuno to meet them all after Nijimi's funeral. In the anime, Tsuyuno is the one who texts Aya, to attend the funeral of Nijimi but she did not respond to the messages.
  • In the manga, Ichi reviews Misumi's profile, discovers that Nana gave him about 31 sticks, for which they verbally reprimands Nana for trusting a human; Nana in her defense justifies the value of Misumi by distributing the sticks faster than the other administrators. In the anime Ichi does not review the profile of Misumi but listen to the words of Nana, being in front of the administrators Ni and Hachi.
  • In the manga, Nana appears during Aya's conversation with the other girls and proceeds to exploit the building with them inside. In the anime Nana is on the roof of the building and exploits it, but the girls were not inside when this happened.
  • In the manga, during the first explosion Alice uses her ability to rewind time, so that Sarina along with Alice help the girls escape. In the anime, Sarina appears after the explosion, in another building where Aya had teleported all the other girls.
  • In the manga, in the timeline where the burial of the funeral home does not occur, Nana is in the empty building waiting for the girls to meet to explode the bombs, but when she sees no sign of them she is disappointed. In the anime, the absence of the character of Alice Misumi, the temporary change does not occur, and leaving Nana to believe the girls were dead.
  • In the manga, Alice is the one who starts the plan to assassinate the administrators. In the anime, all the girls thought of the plan.
  • In the manga, Rina was told that Tsuyuno has only 3 days to live. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Rina showed news to Tsuyuno about Kaname's disappearance. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Mikari fed Rina and Tsuyuno in her home. In the anime, this was omitted.
  • In the manga, Aya brought a bouquet of flowers. In the anime, she only brought one.
  • In the manga, some of the girls cried while saying their goodbyes to Nijimi without uttering a word. In the anime, they all said words about how little time they had together, that they were thankful to Nijimi.
  • In the manga, when Aya threatened the other girls to give their sticks she was only using her stick. In the anime, when Aya threatened the other girls to give their sticks she was using many sticks. She also started to use Yu Sazanami's stick but was intimidated by Tsuyuno.


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