Magical Girl Site (魔法少女サイト) is the first episode of the Mahou Shoujo Site Anime.


Aya Asagiri has nowhere to call her own. Bullied at school and abused by her brother at home, she spends every Day wishing for Death. One day, Aya happens upon a mysterious website called the Magical Girl Site. The site offers to give Aya a magical stick and make her a magical girl. When she arrives at school the next morning, she finds a strange gun-shaped stick in her foot locker...[1]


Aya Asagiri is a student who constantly suffers physical and verbal abuse from her classmates. When she arrives home, she has no rest, because her older brother Kaname Asagiri also abuses her by giving her blows and all kinds of torture regardless of the consequences.

One night, her computer turns on by itself, opening a tab in the browser with the Magical Girl Site, where a strange figure appears saying that Aya was chosen to obtain magical powers, by means of a stick that will turn her into a Magical Girl.

Checking her locker the next day, Aya sees a heart-shaped pistol and a letter giving her directions to use it. Later, the trio who always bullies her try to take things extremely as they invited a senior delinquent boy Shota Arai to rape Aya. She manages to escape and starts a chase which ended when she uses her gun, ending the lives of her two abusers.

The next day, the 2 remaining girls of the trio confronted her at the bathroom and Sarina Shizukume brings out a box cutter from her pocket and tries to cut Aya's mouth, which Ai Kawano said that she thinks she is going too far. Sarina said it doesn't matter since Aya killed her best friend, Erika Kaijima.

Tsuyuno Yatsumura appears at a critical moment and manages to rescue Aya, telling her she will explain everything about the Magical Girl Site.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • The order of some scenes was changed to avoid having to be censored due to the violent content that is shown.
  • In the manga, Aya appears naked & sore in her bed, revealing the bruises made by her brother Kaname Asagiri. In the anime, she is seen wearing pink pajamas.
  • In the anime and manga, some of the students who are happy behind the accidental death of Erika and Shota are fascinated by spreading rumors that have no grounds such as hearts and triangle relations caused by accidents.
  • The character Makoto Hinomoto is omitted.
    • However, he has appeared as a background character.



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