Shi (, Shi?) is one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

Shi has the appearence of a large obese woman wearing a Japanese seifuku. Her face is the face of Buddha statue with a stern expression, including a Bindi on her forehead and stretched out ears, and she has an Afro hairstyle. Her true appearance is currently unknown.

Personality Edit

There's hardly any information regarding she personality at the moment. Presumably, she acts mature, but can't be taken seriously due to her appearance. She has a lack of empathy, just like the other Administrators, seeing as how they crushed an unnamed magical girl's head.

Sticks Given Edit

Abilities Edit

Stamping Edit

She is able to easily crush people to death with her huge body. People who are killed this way are reduced to an unrecognisable bloody pulp. Oddly enough, the surfaces in which those people were located are unharmed. In addition her body itself is hard enought to be immune to the power of Sarina's cutting yo-yo Stick.

Horde of insects Edit

By making a hand sign and saying "Hail Buddha" (translation dubious), Shi summons a large group of toxic insects including bees, spiders, scorpions, etc from her mouth to attack.

Story Edit

She's first seen murdering a rebellious Magical Girl by sitting in her face, which completely shattered her skull into pieces, after which she retrieved her Stick. She was later seen in the Administrators' meeting. Much later, she was sent to assasinate Sarina's family. Unfortunately, by the time Sarina arrived home, Shi had already killed her mother by crushing her entire body into a bloody pulp. Sarina engaged Shi in a fight, but Shi's body proved to be too hard to be cut by Sarina's Stick. Sarina then tried to restrain Shi by wrapping her body with her yo-yo, which lead to Shi resorting to summon a swarm of Bugs to attack her. Sarina quickly grabbed her sister and escaped the building. Shi was then summoned to the King's room by Ichi, and the fight ended with no conclusion

Trivia Edit

  • Her name "Shi" means "Four.
  • Her face/mask is based on the Afro Buddha.

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