Blessing (授かる, Sazukaru?) is the second extra chapter of the manga Mahou Shoujo Site Sept. Also known as Chapter 0.5 of Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.


The news about the incident involving Nanoka, her parents, and Shozuke Iwano already spread through the internet. After seeing this on her tablet, Nanoka's hatred for Shozuke grows stronger. Shortly after, Juuroku appeared on her tablet and offers Nanoka a stick. Nanoka commented that what happened just now was creepy and went to sleep.

After Nanoka woke up, she finds her stick beside her on her bed. Nanoka asks herself what it was and finds a letter from Juuroku about how the stick works and to enjoy her life as a Magical Girl. Nanoka had too many questions in her head so she tried to clip the flower vase near her. To her surprise, it started disintegrating. After it disappeared completely, the effects of using a stick became completely visible on her and exclaimed once more "Magic!?".

The news about the incident in the internet was still not dying from its popularity and the anonymous user "Anonymous @8chan" commented many hate comments towards Shozuke.

Shozuke is seen saying goodnight to his wife and goes to bed, a few seconds later Nanoka appears before him with her stick and seeks revenge.


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