Life (人生, Jinsei?) is the first extra chapter of the manga Mahou Shoujo Site Sept. Also known as Chapter 0.25 of Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.


The story begins with a flash-forward to Nanoka encountering the Magical Girl Site. Juuroku pities Nanoka for her current state, they tell her that she'll become a magical girl.

The flash-forward ends and shows Nanoka and her family out to eat at a restaurant. Nanoka can't help but get out of her seat when her father talks about who he'll order some Yakiniku for her. Her mother tells her to calm down and mind her manners for bursting out so suddenly. Nanoka obeys and behaves.

Seconds later a truck comes crashing into the restaurant, directly at where Nanoka and her family were sitting, killing her parents and badly injuring Nanoka. People scream in fear as Nanoka says what she believes to be her final words.

The next page shows Nanoka waking up in a hospital bed, being greeted by a nurse. Nanoka asked the nurse what happened, the nurse explains how she was hit by a car. The nurse then leaves, telling Nanoka she was getting a doctor.

Nanoka slowly pulls the sheets off the bed, revealing that she had lost her legs in the accident. Nanoka couldn't help but scream at this.

The story then cuts to Nanoka, being brought outside of the hospital in a wheelchair. The nurse that was pushing Nanoka makes small talk with her. Nanoka then suddenly asks the nurse " My life from now on... What will it be like? " The nurse tries to comfort Nanoka, telling her that it'll be just the same as before. Nanoka doesn't believe what the nurse is saying. She brings up how her parents are dead and that there's still someone out there that ruined her life. The nurse is shocked at what Nanoka is saying.

The next and final page shows Nanoka over-hearing police officers talking about the accident she was in. This gets Nanoka upset and she decides to leave. On her way down the hall, she claims how she wants to kill the man that ruined her life.


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