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Truth (真実, Shinjitsu?) is the eight chapter of the manga Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.


After despairing everything Tsurara jumped off the rooftop and attempted suicide. Tsurara committed suicide and the cry of Hyoka's grief that had lost his best friend in front of him was echoing in the sky.

Akai who abandoned Tsurara, a classmate who brought a storm of condemnation against her found a changed appearance of Tsurara who tried to commit suicide, turned into a pale face, and the school had a terrible fuss. Hyoka cried out of despair lost in the presence of his close friend, but just thinks that Anjou who appeared quietly before himself was the culprit who leaked Tsurara's picture and reveals murderous intent against her . But Anjou stuck Tsurara's stick to Hyoka and told "the truth".


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