San (, San?) is one of the Administrators of the Magical Girls Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.


San has the appearance of a Monochrome reptilian woman with straight black hair, with the face similar to that of a snake or a lizard. She also has a lizard's tail. She is seen wearing a Vietnamese Aodai.


Wall Phasing

San is able to crawl on walls and to hide inside the walls themselves. While she's hiding this way she's able to appear from any nearby wall, creating a water ripple like effect when she enters and leaves the wall's surfaces.


San also displayed the ability to cut herself into two separate parts and freely control both, as seen when she detached her lower body from her upper body to catch Sakura and Kosame in a pincer attack.


San has also shown the power to shapeshift parts of her body into blades, as seen when she morphed the tip of her head and her tail into blades.


She's first seen in the Administrator's meeting. She's later sent to assassinate Kosame's family. Sakura intercepts her and tries to kill her, but San dodges her attacks by quickly moving through the walls. Right when San is about to take Kosame and Sakura by surprise, she is unceremoniously killed by Kayo Komura, who blasts her to pieces with the explosive ability she copied from Touko Arareya's Stick. Her dead body 's true appearance is not shown.


  • Her name "San" means "Three"


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