Sakura Sakaki (酒木さくら) is a main character of Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

She is a fair-skinned girl who is small, has short green hair and black eyes. She wears her school uniform, along with white stockings and shoes.

When using her stick, her hair grows and changes color.

History Edit

A year ago, her father was found mysteriously drowned, and though this was an obvious murder, the police classified it as suicide. She also told Kayo Komura that she was looking for a certain Magical Girl. The magical girl might had something to do with her father's death.

Personality Edit

She has shown herself to be a reserved girl, very gluttonous and tenacious when it comes to battling. She also possess a keen intelligence which allows her to assess misunderstood situations quickly and move to the best course of action.

She also seems to be quite the nerd type, as she is seen to sleep with her books around her and is a regular to coming to Dog's Play concerts.

She has a 'cool' composure, doesn't care about anything that happens in her surroundings unless it involves her friends.

Ability Edit

Shock Wave Edit

Her video game controller allows her to send waves to any enemy and put them to sleep by the same blow for a short period of time but without causing any mortal damage. When using her stick, she bleeds from her navel and her hair changes color. Her stick is given to her by Nana.

Trivia Edit

  • She makes her appearance in Episode 3 of the anime.
  • Kentaro Sato's profile picture on twitter is currently a picture of her.
  • Her name "Sakura" is a plant familiar to Japanese culture, a cherry blossom while "Sakaki" is an evergreen koyaki trees belonging to the Tsubaki family. It's also a very common surname in Japan.
  • As seen in Chapter 66, she sleeps when there are books all over the place, indicating that she must be a bookworm. She also knows Naoto Keisuke.
  • It seems that she is a fan of Dog's Play. Her favorite member is Nijimi Anazawa.
  • She is shown to love cake.
  • She and Tsuyuno Yatsumura have many similar traits: They both saved the main protagonist of each story at a critical moment, thought the main protagonists' stick was useful and that they should partner up and become closer to the main protagonist. Sakura and Kayo Komura began to have a sister-like relationship, while Tsuyuno and Aya Asagiri began to have a relationship that involves some romance.
  • It is unknown when her birthday is yet.

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