Saki Shizukume (雫芽 さき) is a minor character of Mahou Shoujo Site. She is the older sister of Sarina Shizukume.


Saki is big bust size girl, with peach-colored skin, shoulder-length pink hair tied in two pigtails, pink eyelashes and pink eyes.

She mostly wears over sized short or long sleeved sweatshirts and shorts. She wears big, black glasses and heart-shaped earrings. She has been seen wearing a blouse, shorts and platform sandals.

Her appearance is currently being copied by Rina Shioi.


Saki seems to be a very cheerful, sweet and caring girl towards Sarina Shizukume.


  • Saki's surname Shizukume means "raindrop" (雫) (shizuku) and "bud, sprout" (芽) (me).


  • Even though Saki went to the hospital, she might have not know that Rina Shioi copied her appearance, this must be because she was busy of worrying for Sarina Shizukume.
  • Saki does not appear in the anime.
    • If she had appeared in the anime, she would've been seen in the episode Episode 3.
  • The place Saki got photographed by one of Rina Shioi sticks that were stolen was on the street.
  • Saki's father was never seen or mentioned, suggesting that Saki's parents are divorced or that the man died.
  • It is implied that Saki was not aware of Sarina's cruel nature.
  • In the Chapter 113, Saki's mother was killed by Shi.
    • In the Chapter 137, due to the fact that Sarina never became a magical girl, Saki's mother was never killed by Shi.
  • In the Chapter 136, since Rina was never bullied enough, she never copy her body.
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