Sachiko Komura (湖村 佐千子) is a supporting character in Mahou Shoujo Site. She's the mother of the main protagonist, Kayo Komura.

Appearance Edit

She's a fair-skinned lady with short black hair styled in a bob-cut. She's been seen wearing casual clothing, she's also been seen in a hospital gown when she passed out.

Personality Edit

She's a wonderful and caring mother. She puts her feelings aside and care more for her daughter, Kayo, than herself. An example of this could be when, on Kayo's birthday, she decided to bake her a strawberry cake even though she wasn't in a good condition to even move.

Trivia Edit

  • She suffers from a horrible sickness, sometimes she feels so bad it hurts to even do simple tasks.
  • Judging by her looks, she might be in her mid 40s.
  • Her name "Sachiko" translates to "Child of bliss" or even "Happiness" at times.