Sachiko Komura (湖村 佐千子, Komura Sachiko?) is a supporting character in Mahou Shoujo Site. She is the wife of detective Keiji Komura and the mother of Kayo Komura and Airi Komura.


Sachiko is a fair-skinned woman with short black hair that hangs on the left side and light-colored eyes or dark-colored eyes.

She's been seen wearing casual clothing, she's also been seen in a hospital gown when she passed out.


Sachiko is a wonderful and caring woman who puts her feelings aside and care more for her daughter than herself. An example of this could be when she decided to bake her a strawberry cake for Kayo's fourteenth birthday, even though she wasn't in a good condition to even move.


  • The name Sachiko means "help, aid" (佐) (sa), "thousand" (千) (chi) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Sachiko's surname Komura means "lake" (湖) (ko) and "town, village" (村) (mura).


  • Sachiko suffers from a horrible sickness, sometimes she feels so bad it hurts to even do simple tasks.
  • Unlike her husband, Sachiko never used any Stick, so it is implied that she was turned into sperm and absorbed by the Tempest, which would explain her absence during the battle against The King.
  • Judging by her looks, she might be in her mid 40s.
  • Sachiko's maiden surname must still be revealed.
  • Like her younger daughter, Airi, Sachiko is one of the members of the Komura family whose name does not start with K.
  • In the Chapter 136, it was shown that Isoko Anjou never became "A" and has never delivered the Stick to Ryuto, Tatsumi and Tsubasa the responsibles that killed her daughter, Airi.
    • As a result, her husband, Keiji, never killed the three boys in a fit of anger and he was never arrested, her daughter, Kayo, never became a magical girl, and Sachiko never got sick to the point of ending up in a coma.


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