Rina Shioi (潮井 梨ナ, Shioi Rina?) is one of the protagonists of Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

In her original appearance, she is a girl of short stature, with an opaque hair color with a short hair style, freckles and her skin complexion is white. Her attire is only presented with a school uniform.

When she copied the appearance of Saki Shizukume, she acquired her features, having a greater height compared to her original appearance, the color of hair, eyelash and eyes changes to pink. She got some black lenses and some heart-shaped earrings; she also grows her bust exponentially and her complexion of white color remains. Her clothing is presented with a blouse, shorts and platform sandals.

Her emblem depends on the theft stick she used, but her original emblem is a diamond. Star, Minus, Triangle, operator symbols, are revealed so far in the multiple emblems she has. When using her stick, the tips of hair changes to a light blue tint.


Due to Rina possessing multiple sticks, she has multiple emblems...

History Edit

Not much is known about her past but it was shown that she got bullied pretty badly as she was shoved down to a bowl full of bugs, this might be the reason for her dislike for bugs. She was about to hang herself until the Magical Girl Site appeared on her laptop.

Personality Edit

Rina is a very intelligent girl, analyst, strategist and somewhat clumsy, but when discovering the truth about the Tempest her way of acting changed radically to a more sinister, aggressive, psychopathic attitude and with murderous instincts to obtain all the possible magical objects. She is also quite sarcastic and sometimes does not take the situations seriously.

She also has a warmer personality that is not usually shown when she wanted to shake hands with Tsuyuno Yatsumura.

Abilities Edit

Previously known as the "Magical Girl Hunter", she has acquired and used many sticks. When using the sticks, blood flows from her nose and her hair changes color. So far, only Isoko Anjou who also has multiple sticks and as such multiple powers similar to Rina.

Strong Force Edit

Her own weapon (Hammer) can hit any surface, causing great damage without using much force in the given blow. Her hammer was given to her by Nana.

Electric Discharge Edit

A magic staff stick that she stole from a Yu Sazanami that throws high-voltage ray and summons lightning, as shown when she summoned it against bullies. It was also shown in the later chapters that she was able to dicharge electricity to her feet, which allows her to elevate off the floor. She uses most of this stick throughout chapters.

Force Field Edit

The magical pen obtained from Mikado Ikemata, allows to create a protective barrier in case of defense, as it can also be used as a type of cage to trap enemies.

Makeover Edit

A camera stick the she stole from a magical girl allows you to transform into the person you photograph.

Transport Magic Edit

The magical lighter obtained by removing it from another Magical Girl, allows you to use any type of magic at great distances.


This is only in the anime adaptation. She used this stick to help heal Sarina Shizukume.

Trivia: Edit

  • Her current appearance is Sarina Shizukume's sister, Saki Shizukume.
  • Her personality is similar to Parasite・M / Hana-chan, a character of Mahou Shoujo of The End.
  • She says she hates her old appearance, that's why she wants to stick with her new look for a long time. Because of that she can't return to her house anymore and she stays in any place that she can like Aya's, Sayuki's or Mikari's
  • It was revealed in Chapter 78 of how she got the Slaughter Note and became the infamous "Magical Hunter". Nana reasoned that they gave Rina the Slaughter Note because she has been using her stick long enough.
  • Loves avocado, pancakes and PC. She dislikes human garbage, studying, and insects.
  • The mothers of Sarina and Rina, Kiyoharu and Asahi have appeared, but their fathers have not appeared, perhaps they may be mothers' families.
  • In Spanish playing cards the, diamond ◇ means the merchants, which we can associate with the greed and accumulate's ideas, which fits to Rina as the (former) Magical Hunter.
  • She caught her mother at Chapter 111 and lost her left foot by Juuhachi's attack, but with Aya 's help with her mother, she escaped the hardship and barely took a life with Kosame's stick.
    • And in chapter 114 I met with Saki who fled from Shi's battle with Sarina, but Sakura Sakaki explains Rina to his own appearance with a stick, but Saki himself can read the situation It was confusing.
  • Her birthday is on December 8th.

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