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Nijimi Anazawa (穴沢 虹海, Anazawa Nijimi?), also called Nijimin by and fans (i.e. Aya Asagiri, Kaname Asagiri, and Keisuke Naoto), was one of the protagonists of Mahou Shoujo Site.


Nijimi was a fair-skinned girl with mid-back length light blue hair that is tied in two tails with square bangs hanging over her eyebrows and light-blue eyes.

Nijimi hid the effects of using her stick by dying her hair, wearing contact lenses and using concealer on her emblem.


Nijimi was a cheerful and naive girl who was also fearless, but she changed from being a sweet girl to an obsessed girl with a strong desire for revenge in seconds when she talks about Mikado Ikemata and Rina Shioi. Nijimi enjoyed making people smile at a young age and enjoyed performing.

Nijimi had a temper personality that she has a hard time controlling. she can sometimes be very aggressive and high tempered whenever it comes to mentioning certain things, such as Rina Shioi, as she has a personal dislike towards her and a grudge against her for killing her best friend, Mikado Ikemata. shes someone who can get irritated easily when mentioning her best friends murder, and automatically goes into a phase where she wants to kill Rina.


Nijimi was born from Mr. Anazawa and Mrs. Anazawa, when she was about 6-7 years old, her younger brother was born.

Before the start of the series, her family was behind on their house payments, she loved performing and said when she smiled, the people in the audience also smiled, the loan sharks suggested to her parents to sell their daughter just to pay their debt, her father could not deal from the stress and committed suicide, because of this event, Nijimi obtained her stick, she rewrote her mother's and brother's memories to forget about her father, because they couldn't smile anymore.

She narrated that she was saved by Mikado Ikemata and resets everyone's memories who were involved that day and erased the loan sharks' memories, shortly after that she got accepted to Dog Play without her stick.


Mind Control

By wearing the magic panties given to her by Nana, Nijimi was able to take control over people's minds by giving them direct orders and commands, thus controlling a persons actions and words.


  • The name Nijimi means "rainbow" (虹) (niji) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).
  • Nijimi's surname Anazawa means "hole" (穴) (ana) and "marsh" (沢) (sawa/zawa).


  • Nijimi loved attractive boys like when she was attracted when she first saw Kaname Asagiri.
  • Nijimi might be a good artist as she drew Rina Shioi's face (which is technically Saki Shizukume's face) in a matter of seconds, but this might be because she was so focused on getting revenge on her.
  • Nijimi had a habit of biting her nail when enraged.
  • Nijimi was the second person to be killed by Kaname with the first person that was killed by Kaname is Keisuke Naoto.
  • Nijimi's design must be inspired by Tsukune Fukumoto, a character in Mahou Shoujo of the End.
  • Nijimi resembled a Chihuahua in Dog Play.
  • Nijimi was the favorite member of Sakura Sakaki.
  • Nijimi's hobbies included karaoke, dancing, blogging, fashion, drawing and taking baths.
  • Nijimi liked apples, pearl milk tea, dogs and her fans while she disliked cuisine.
  • Nijimi's voice actress (Yu Serizawa) sings the ending in the Episode 3 of the anime.
  • Nijimi hid the effects of using her stick, dying her hair, wearing contact lenses, and using concealer on her emblem. Then she said where she bleeds is a secret, meaning she might bleed from her female genitalia when using her stick.
    • However, in the Chapter 103, it turns out that the bleeding part due to use on the stick is an ass.
  • Nijimi's is the first main character to be killed in the series.
  • Nijimi owns a diary.
  • In the manga, Nijimi made faces similar to Explode・M / Ribs from Mahou Shoujo of The End.
  • Nijimi's stick power can control the minds of unconscious people, this was shown when she was about to control Rina while she was in a coma.
  • In Spanish playing cards, the spade ♤ means the military, which bring us the idea of dominance, power and authority, which quite matches her stick's ability, Mind Control. 
  • Her character has some similarities with Miku Izayoi, a character from Date A Live.
  • Nijimi's birthday was on July 5.
  • In the Chapter 135, it was revealed that Nijimi's father never hanged himself but was instead drugged and strung up by the loan sharks, in order to make it look like he killed himself in order to force her mother pay for their loan and force her into the prostitution.
    • However, three policemen were mysteriously teleported inside the Anazawa family appartement just as the loan sharks were setting up her father's "suicide" thereby saving him from being killed by them, thus preventing she and her family from going through the hardships that eventually lead her to be chosen to become a magical girl.
      • This also created the path where Nijimi never entered into Dog Play and never became an Idol in order to provide for her mother and brother, as her father was never murdered, and since Rina Shioi never became the Magical Huntress she never developing a deep hatred toward Rina (as Mikado was never killed by Rina in the new timeline), which in turn prevented Keisuke Naoto from becoming an overly-obsessed fan which in turn prevented she and him from being killed by Kaname Asagiri.
        • However, it is implied that Nijimi will still become an idol, without necessarily being a magical girl.


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