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Nanoka (なのか, Nanoka?) was a main character in the extra chapters of Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.


Before she was wounded, Nanoka was a light skin girl with long black hair tied in a ponytail, and wore a school uniform.

After the accident, she was left with severe wounds and amputations, she was shown wearing a simple hospital dress covered in bandages all over her body, and having lost her legs, later after she was released from the hospital she was shown wearing regular cloths and riding a wheelchair, she's also gained a large gash/scar on one of her eyebrows.


One day, Nanoka went out to get dinner for a family celebration for her father, when a truck burst through the building and ended up hitting the family, her parents died instantly, while she was left with several mortal injuries. Her legs were later amputated by the doctors to save her life.


Not much is known about her personality before her accident, but it was shown briefly that Nanoka had the traits of being a happy, bubbly and kind hearted girl.

But after her accident and the loss of her parents, she has now become a cynical, dark, negative, vengeful and depressing girl, she's even shown to have become delusional thinking that Shozuke Iwano caused the accident on purpose and being dead set in killing him or at the very least make him just as miserable as she is.



She received her stick from Juuroku, who gave her a set of Pliers that when used to pinch something be it a living thing or object, it causes it to disintegrated to nothing.


  • Her surname was never revealed.
  • Her name Nanoka means girl and seven days.
    • When written in kanji (菜), Na can mean vegetables.
  • Her stick's ability is very similar to Roku's ability.
  • Nanoka's story was left unknown after Sept Extra Chapter 3, however, it became clear that she survived until the tempest came in the Chapter 120, she was killed by the Administrators with the other magical girls with her death being the less gruesome out of all the murdered magical girls with her only having her throat slit, while the others were viciously maimed beyond human recognition.


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