Here are the different established relationships of Nana with the other characters, during the course of the publication of manga and anime.

Administrators Edit

Not much is known about Nana’s relationship with the other administrators but she got called a bastard for trusting a human. Nana told them that there's nothing to worry about and she will make sure that the human will not interfere with their plans. In Chapter 86, Juugo and Roku were sent to destroy her, which means that the rest of the administrators doesn't trust Nana anymore.

Sarina Shizukume Edit

Nana first met Sarina in the hospital and offered her to be a Magical Girl and be the new "Magical Hunter". Then, Nana and Sarina meet again in a park where Sarina said that she got the sticks, but Sarina questioned the contradiction about escaping the Tempest which Nana replied that she knows too much and shoots her to death with her invisible bullets.

Rina Shioi Edit

Nana made Rina Shioi the "Magical Hunter" as she reasoned that Rina has been using her stick long enough. She even trusted her enough to show her information about the tempest. She was disappointed about her being in the hospital with the overuse of sticks and decides to find a new "Magical Hunter".

Kichiro Misumi Edit

Not much is known about their relationship but Nana trusts Kichiro enough and made a pact with him a year ago.

Kaname Asagiri Edit

Originally, it was Nana who ordered Misumi to deal with the Kaname that abused Nijimi Anazawa 's stick, but he was failing because he was a homosexual with a special emotion against Kaname. However, as Misumi dazzled with the stick, Nana, who was concerned about his position, touched Kaname in the hospital and taught about Tempest in questing about Misumi's whereabouts. I escaped Kaname from the invasion of Juugo and Roku, taught my family that danger is coming, urged me to get a stick, but Kaname has failed because my father robbed me of the stick kept in the room.

As a result, Kaname was forced to study by his father who had the stick, but after Juuni was knocked down by Aya, he drastically cuts the life by using too much sticks, from his father who lost consciousness I tried to take back the stick but Aya let me transfer it to Kayo Komura under my stick, so I could not get a stick. Therefore, Nana's prospect of trying to rely on Kaname also deviated greatly.