Momoko Asagiri (朝霧 桃子, Asagiri Momoko?), also known as Mrs. Asagiri, is a supporting character in Mahou Shoujo Site. She's the mother of the main protagonist, Aya Asagiri.

Appearance Edit

She has a light complexion and black (brown in the anime) hair, usually put up in a low pony tail, resting on her shoulder and has gray eyes. She's been seen wearing different types of casual clothing.


At some point Mrs. Asagiri married Mr. Asagiri. However, their relationship was very abusive, with Mr. Asagiri regurally angrily lashing out against her in acts of domestic violence.

Still, she continued their marriage and eventually gave birth to their son, Kaname. After a while, she once again became pregnant, this time with a girl. However, Mr. Asagiri punched her in the stomache during one of his tantrums, causing her to suffer a miscarriage and lose the child as well as the ability of bare any more children.

A few years later, she adopted a baby girl she named "Aya" and decided to raise her as if she were her own daughter, despite Mr. Asagiri's opposition. As Aya got older, Mrs. Asagiri kept her in the dark about all of this.

Personality Edit

She's a kind and caring mother, showing affection and love towards both of her children, unlike her husband who only cares about his expectations and pride on their son, Kaname. She's been seen worrying about her children on multiple occasions and is dissapointed that her husband only cares about Kaname.

She is also rather faithful, continuing her marriage with her husband despite him being abusive towards both her and her children. However, even she has her limits, as seen when she finally lashed out against him when he definitively rejected Aya. Despite this, though, she was still saddened upon his death.

Trivia Edit

  • Though her age is unknown, she looks young, she may be in her early 30s.
  • Her surname Asagiri/朝霧  means "morning fog".
  • His birthday is on January 4th.

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