Mrs. Anazawa is a minor character of Mahou Shoujo Site, she is also the wife of Mr. Anazawa and the mother of Nijimi Anazawa and her little brother.


Mrs. Anazawa is a fair-skinned woman with long dark brown hair and gray eyes. She was seen wearing different clothes in her appearances, highlighting her orange sweater and blue jeans.


Mrs. Anazawa is a very affectionate, kind and understanding woman.

As a wife, she was very helpful to her husband, who he supported in his difficult times.

After her husband died, her daughter Nijimi used her Stick to erase her memory of tragic events by forcing her to start a new life.


At some point of her life, Mrs. Anazawa married her future husband, and nine month later, she gave birth their first and only daughter, Nijimi, and six-seven years later, she gave birth their second and only son.

This woman is Nijimi's mother, she was presented for the first time in a memory, which tells that the Anazawa family was in a debt they couldn’t pay back.

Mrs. Anazawa was offered the chance to be a prostitute to pay the debt, after Nijimi got her stick, her memories on debts and of her husband (along with those of her son) have been canceled, believed she was a single mother and that never had a husband.

Mrs. Anazawa participated at her daughter’s funeral.


  • Mrs. Anazawa's name and maiden surname are unknowns.
  • She looks to be in her early 30s.
  • She never knew that Kaname Asagiri is her daughter's murderer.
  • In the Chapter 135, was shown that her husband's death was not suicide, but in actually a murder committed by the loan sharks in order to force her to pay for their loan and force her into prostitution.
    • However, three policemen mysteriously appeared in her appartement just as the loan sharks were setting up her husband's "suicide" thereby saving him from being killed by them, and to her daughter was avoided the destiny of becoming a magical girl.
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