Mr. Anazawa was a minor character of Mahou Shoujo Site, he was also the husband of Mrs. Anazawa, and the father of Nijimi Anazawa and her little brother.


Mr. Anazawa had brown hair and eyes.

In the manga, he wore a long-sleeved opaque sweater with horizontal stripes and black jeans.

In the anime, his sweater was blue and his pants were brown jeans.


Mr. Anazawa was a very affectionate man of great value, he never allowed his children to see the worst part of him, showing that with a smile he could achieve everything, but the constant pressure of the financial debts, he ended up surrendering to despair and opting for the suicide.


At some point of his life, Mr. Anazawa married his future wife, and later, the couple had their first and only daughter, Nijimi, and six-seven years later, the couple had their second and only son.

This man was Nijimi's father, he was presented in a memory for the first time, he borrowed money from some loan sharks to start his own business but failed. He was unable to pay his debts and was stressing everything and finally decided to commit suicide.


  • Mr. Anazawa's name hasn't been revealed yet.
  • He looked to be in his late or mid 30s at the time of his death.
  • In the Chapter 135, it was revealed that his death was not suicide, but in actually a murder committed by the loan sharks in order to force his wife to pay for their loan and force her into prostitution.
    • However, three policemen mysteriously appeared in his appartement just as the loan sharks were setting up his "suicide" thereby saving him from being killed by them, and to his daughter was avoided the destiny of becoming a magical girl.
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