Mikari Izumigamine (泉ヶ峰 みかり, Izumigamine Mikari?) is a main character in Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

Mikari is a light-skinned girl with dull purple hair that is styled in ringlets, green eyes and heart shaped eyebrows. Throughout the series, she has been seen with different clothing from school uniform, swimsuit and casual clothing; her most worn outfit is her school uniform, which is a pink tie that ties her hair, a long-sleeved shirt and a chocolate-colored checkered skirt and black shoes. She also wears a heart shaped hair clip at all times.

When using her stick, the tips of her hair changes to light green.

History Edit

Before she became a Magical Girl, she lived a wealthy life. She was pampered by her parents and butler and was able to have everything she ever wanted. Unfortunately her happiness did not last long, as all that changed when a man went on a rampage on a street, killing everyone on sight, including her parents.

Personality Edit

Being the daughter of a wealthy family, she has certain features of superiority to other people, she is proud of herself and her strength, she is a bit sadistic with her butler and is a friendly and strong opponent.

Ability Edit

Soar Edit

Thanks to her cane with a broom shape obtained, she can fly at great speed. Her broom was given to her by Hachi.

Trivia: Edit

  • She was born in the United States.
  • She was the shortest out of the group until she got murdered.
  • Her hobbies consisted of doing marine sports and ”abusing” her butler, Yuki Yamai.
  • She likes traveling, sweet treats and money. She dislikes doing any type of chores and winter.
  • Her playful personality and her stick and its powers might make her a witch.
  • Her name "Mikari" translates to "light".
  • She is the second main character to be killed in the series, the first being Nijimi Anazawa.
  • Her birthday is on January 1st.

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