Mikado Ikemata (池股 みかど, Ikemata Mikado?) was a minor character of Mahou Shoujo Site. She is the best friend of Nijimi Anazawa.


Mikado was a peach skin girl, with short dark brown hair topped by a red hair clip, and dark brown eyes. In her school uniform, she wears a white dress shirt covered by a cardigan. She wears a black jacket with plaid cuffs. In the anime, she wears a reddish-magenta headband instead of black.


Mikado seemed to be a friendly girl with a strong moral code as she helped Nijimi Anazawa become a proper magical girl and stopped her from killing and before that she showed constant worry for Nijimi by asking her if she was alright when her family was going through a financial crisis.


When Nijimi Anazawa's family was going through financial problems, Mikado would often ask her if she was okay, which Nijimi would reply that nothing was wrong and nothing bad was happening, not wanting to worry Mikado. When Nijimi obtained her Stick was going to abuse its power to kill the Loan sharks harassing her family, Mikado stepped in using her own stick to stop her, she thus then told Nijimi that she had a dream and she couldn't accomplish that dream if she was a murderer and promised to help her achieve her dream of becoming an Idol, they thus then used Nijimi stick to remove all memory of the incident from the memories of the loan sharks and Nijimi's Family.

One day, when she was in a karaoke bar with Nijimi, the "Magical Girl Hunter" appeared and killed her to gain her stick. The most odd thing about her death was that the cause of it was blood loss, meaning the head was alive for a few minutes until it grow cold despite being exploded, hence the forensics was baffled by the autopsy report.

Since that day, Nijimi wants to avenge her death by killing Rina Shioi.


Force Field

By clicking the top of the mechanical pencil, Mikado can create a magical yellow box shaped barrier that deflects all physical and/or magical attack. When using her stick, her hair changes color in the tips. Her mechanical pencil was given to her by Nana, which would be later stolen by the "Magical Hunter" and then used by other magical girls later on. The Symbol of her Stick is the Minus - sign.


  • Mikado's surname Ikemata means "pool, pond" (池) (ike) and "crotch" (股) (mata).


  • Mikado's parents have never been seen or mentioned, but they will surely have been devastated by their daughter's death.
  • In the Chapter 136, since Rina Shioi was never bullied enough, she never became the huntress and thus never killed Mikado.
    • However, Mikado's tragedy that led her to become a magical girl is unknown.


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