May Atsue (厚江 メイ) is a minor character in Mahou Shoujo Site. She is also the twin sister of Ray Atsue.


May is a fair-skinned girl, with short gray hair. She wearing her school uniform which is a white dress shirt with a pale tie, covered by a black coat. She wears a light gray skirt, black stockings and white shoes.


May follows the actions of her best friend Melissa of bullying their classmate Kayo Komura, showing that she is a cruel and arrogant girl and doesn't acknowledge how Kayo feels when hurting her. 


  • She, Erika, Melissa, Louise, Alice and Ray are the only known characters to have common names that aren't Japanese.
    • May is an English name with Greek and Latin origins.
  • Her full name might be Maya, doing her name as Maya Atsue.
  • Her name May means nurse, mother and creator.
    • This is ironic, considering her cruel nature towards Kayo.
  • The kanji for her surname "Atsue" means "thick" and "river".
  • May and her sister are the second couple of twins to appear, the first couple of twins are Aya and Tsuyuno.
  • In theory, May is also Ray's younger sister, since she was the second that came out of the maternal's womb.
  • In the Chapter 136, since Keiji Komura (Kayo's father) was never arrested, May never bullied Kayo by calling her "daughter of a criminal".
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