Makoto Hinomoto (火本 真, Hinomoto Makoto?) is a minor character of Mahou Shoujo Site. He is a classmate of Aya and Yatsumura.

Appearance Edit

He has brown eyes, brown hair and peach colored skin. He is normally seen wearing a school uniform, he wears a white tucked in, dress shirt and black jeans.

Personality Edit

He is seemed to be a sweet caring boy. He's often seen worrying about the Aya and even asks her to accompany him on his way home in Chapter 4. He apologizes to her for not helping her against her bullies to which she replies it's better that he stayed out of their line.

He even went to see Tsuyuno Yatsumura to ask her about Aya. He then went to Aya's house to visit her to give her the notes and see how she's doing.

Trivia Edit

  • Makoto means “faithfulness” while Hinomoto means "sun".
  • Judging by how flustered Aya is during the conversation she seems to like him too, but doesn't really get his feelings.
  • He flees when she asks for the reason of his sudden invitation during the time they walked home together.
  • It seems he really regrets not helping Aya, but he offers her to listen to her problems, if she needs to talk about them.
  • He is not as much as Tsuyuno, but despises and dislikes Sarina Shizukume and her friends. He did not sympathize much for Erika Kaijima who died at a railway crossing accident or Sarina who was injured in his neck.
  • He has appeared in episode 1 as a background character.
  • He has not appeared at the end of Chapter 45, but as people are converted into sperm by Tempest who started at Chapter 114, He is also turned into sperm and is thought to have been sucked into The King.
    • However, as Juuni had hit Kaname Asagiri and Aya's parents, he seems to have been targeted by Juuni himself.

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