The following is a list of editors who have positions of prestige within our community. These positions are awarded to those who, depending on their role, show they are willing to create and write meaningful articles, manage user edits and vandalism, or provide community leadership to handle issues.

The Wikia currently isn't trying to get new staff at the moment.

Bureaucrat Edit

The bureaucrats are the considered the main editor for the Wikia. The have the same job as any other editor. They manage chat logs and fix things on this Wikia.

SnakePAN14 Edit

Hello everyone, I introduce myself to Juan, the founder of the Wiki in Spanish referring to Mahou Shoujo of the end and Mahou Shoujo Site; and I am also the Bureaucrat/Administrator of this Wikia, as well as the Wikia of Mahou Shoujo of the End (in English). Any questions you have about the series or suggestions to improve the wiki, you can write a message on my wall.

Administrators Edit

The admins are just as important as the buro, the only difference is the aren't the owners.

SeanAico Edit

Check my contributions kek. Please cooperate and don't add B.S and useless stuff to this wiki. I always check this wiki everyday and edit and update if I have to or the time. I'm a nice person :3 <3 I'm also quite young >.>

SayonaraFriend Edit

Hewwo!! I'm Sayaka!! I'm the admin who likes to add a bit of style to this wiki you could say~ (I edit the homepage a lot ok,,) I started editing on this wikia cause I started to grow on MMS and when I found this wikia and saw how empty it was at first, I wanted to help out!! I have a to do list on my page, please look at it before you go making pages!!