1. Do not do spam.
  2. Do not do flood.
  3. Do not insult.
  4. Do not send junk messages.
  5. Write understandably.
  6. Do not write using only capital letters, it is equivalent to shouting.
  7. Write complete sentences, do not write short sentences one below the other.
  8. Do not reveal personal data (passwords, telephone number, home addresses, social networks, and emails, etc.).
  9. Do not talk about racist, political, religious or sexual issues, to avoid conflicts.
  10. Respect the privacy of third parties.
  11. Only administrators and moderators can give warnings inside the chat.
  12. If you have complaints about the behavior of a user, inform a administrator to mediate the issue.
  13. Respect and respond to warnings and warnings that moderators and administrators make them.
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