Mahou Shoujo Site Sept (魔法少女サイトSept, ?) is a manga series written by Kentaro Sato and illustrated by Toshinori Sogabe. It is published in the Champion Tap magazine! of Akita Shoten since October 26, 2017, and will end on August 29, 2018, with a total of 10 chapters published. The series is a Spin-off of Mahou Shoujo Site.


Tsurara Takahashi is a middle school student who belongs to the Shinzen tennis club. However, she carries a great misfortune that she can not confess to her friends: she met the mysterious Magical Girl Site and was given a magic stick in the shape of an electric drill.

This spin-off series can also be referred to as Nana's origin story, Nana being Hyoka Nagatsuki‎.

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