Kyu (, Kyu?) is one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.


Kyu has a masculine appearance with shoulder-length black hair and a white Kitsune mask. She is seen wearing a black suit with a white buttoned up shirt, a black tie, black pants and shoes. Her true appearance is shown to be that a girl light brown hair and short bangs.


Kyu is first seen during the Administrators' meeting. She was later sent to assassinate Kiyoharu Suirenji's mother, which she did by chopping her in half. Kiyoharu was able to detect her death via her Stick and asked Aya Asagiri to do something about it. Aya stole Alice Misumi's Stick and rewind time. She then transported Kiyoharu to her home so she could save her mother. Kyu is then seen manifesting inside the Suirenji home via the television screen, puzzled at how there's nobody home. She's later seen with the other Administrators (minus Ichi) once the King awakens. She then confronts Aya Asagari's final group of Magical Girls, after killing the remaining Magical Girls all over the Tokyo Area with the rest of the Site Admins. She is finally killed by Aya Asagiri who she used her Gun Stick to teleport her Ice Blast attack back at her. Sarina Shizukume then proceeded to slice her up into bits and pieces using her Yo-yo. After she died, her body reverts to her human form, and Ni proceeded to kick the top half of her head to attack Aya.



Given how she killed Mrs. Suirenji, Kyu appears to be able to chop people in half with her hand.

Detect Death

Apparently, one of Kyu's abilities is to detect the death of those close to her, since she was able to instantly detect the death of Juushi and Hachi at the exact moment they were killed.

  • Kyu fires her Ice blast.

Ice Blast

Kyu can create ice blasts from her palms that can instantly freeze whatever it hits. in Chapter 120 it was shown that Kyu killed one of the magical girls this way. This power is similar to Reiko Maguchi's Bracelet.


  • Her name means "Nine".
  • Her face/mask is based on the Kitsune, a Japanese fox.


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