Kuraki (倉木, Kuraki?) is a minor character in Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.

Appearance Edit

He's a fair-skinned man with untidy black hair. He's usually seen wearing a long-sleeved sweatshirt, a white dress shirt and black pants.

Personality Edit

He is an awful coach. He's lazy but his attitude is very volatile, to the extent that he raped, blackmailed and embarrassed his student, Tsurara Takahashi.

It also appears that he is the type of male to switch lovers or in this case, "play things" as he switched to Tsurara from Reiko Maguchi.

Trivia Edit

  • He's similar to Shota Arai, who tried to rape Aya Asagiri, but the difference is Kuraki was successful in his rape attempt while Shota wasn't.
  • He impregnated the protagonist, Tsurara Takahashi, making him the biological father of her fetus.
  • Judging by his appearance and occupation, he must be in his early 30s.
  • He died because his head twisted and exploded because of the stick of Tsurara Takahashi.
  • The man living in the apartment next to the apartment where Kuraki lives has witnessed how he takes Tsurara into his room for a long time and he treated Kuraki as a pervert.
    • Therefore, if the police were moving to search Kuraki, it seems that the man was a witness.