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Kosame Amagai (雨谷 小雨, Amagai Kosame?) is one of the main characters in Mahou Shoujo Site.


Kosame is a fair-skinned girl with violet eyes and shoulder-length silver hair that has a small bow on the left side of her hair that is colored mint and purple, she wears an white eyepatch which covers her left eye.

Her regular outfit is her school uniform, which is a pink long-sleeved sweater a white and green sailor-fuku with a green bow, a yellow and white plaid skirt and brown loafers, She also has a choker with a heart-shaped charm. When using her Stick her hair turns light-Indigo In the ends making it look like highlights. Like all Magical Girls, whenever she uses a Stick, the Sticks' Emblem appears in her eyes. Her Original Emblem from her original Stick was the Letter Q (the Box Cutter's Emblem), but later obtained more Sticks thus obtaining more emblems from the Collection of Sticks. Her other emblems are The Command mark ⌘(from the Shield), Deadline 〆 (from the Varsity Jacket), Square root √ (from the Sports Cap), Punctuation marks 、 (from the Umbrella) and other unknown Emblems (from the BackPack).


Despite not showing many expressions on her face, Kosame is a calm, soft-spoken and friendly girl around people who do not hesitate to help her close friends. She becomes very nervous and loses her sanity if she does not take her pills. She is nicknamed 'Mental Girl' by Rina Shioi because of her sudden outbursts where she seemingly has random panic attacks induced when someone raises their voice at her and she then self harms to cope, with these symptoms she needs to take medication to lessen them. She's also shown to be meek and somewhat timid and despite stating she does not fear dying she still fears being killed by the Site Admins, showing that she no longer fears to die from her sickness but does fear being murdered.

Despite these traits she's shown to have a strong sense of friendship particularly towards her fellow Magical Girls, when her friends were injured beyond saving (Kiyoharu and Asahi) she still tried to frantically save them even at the cost of endangering her own well-being by bleeding herself due to overusing her Stick and even went as far as saying that she didn't mind if she lost all her lifespan just to save them, she, in particular, has a strong bond of friendship with Kiyoharu Suirenji, enjoying scaring her about going to a scary movies with her and teasing her fear of ghosts, and overall caring for her. Whenever Kiyoharu is Injured, she would begin to somewhat cry, in which an example is when Kiyo was shot down by an admin after they had killed her mother, which Kosame was also bleeding heavily and both would have died if Alice didnt reverse the time back.

Kiyoharu was also the first person Kosame opened up to regarding her sickness, something that she hadn't even bothered to tell her parents or family yet, she even trusted her to accompany her for her doctor checkup, showing that she trusts her deeply.

It is shown that Kosame has chuunibyou syndrome, and will act accordingly after removing her eyepatch, speaking nonsensical phrases but later showcasing a new persona altogether, becoming confident and aggressive during combat now being seemingly fearless when she was in combat against the Altair.


Kosame became a Magical Girl after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, giving her only 6 months life left to live at best. Thus causing her to sink into severe depression, which continued to grow even stronger as she overheard all of her classmates already making plans for their future, eventually becoming miserable enough to be noticed by the Mahou Shoujo Site, the Site Admin Hachi contacted her through her cellphone while in class, where Kiyoharu Suirenji overheard her talk about the site, seemingly starting their friendship.



Kosame's stick is a Box Cutter, with its power being the ability to physically heal others by feeding her own blood to them by cutting herself with the Box Cutter, although this only heals their body's, her stick cannot return lost Lifespan of other Magical Girl, There is also the additional danger that she might lose too much blood from overusing this Stick, as seen when she nearly bleed herself dry in order to heal Kiyoharu Suirenji. She received her stick from Hachi.


Kosame obtains a new stick from the Collection of Sticks, the a Stick that takes on the form of a Shield that gives her the power to reflect the destructive power of any attack directed at her right back at its attacker, allowing Kosame to both defend herself and attack her opponent at the same time.

Breathing Bubble

The Sports Cap Stick Kosame obtained from the Collection of Sticks gives her the ability to create an oxygen air bubble around her head allowing her to breath in environments that are devoid of air, like the void of space,the upper atmospheres of the earth and underwater.

Light Shots

The Umbrella Stick Kosame obtained from the Collection of Sticks has the power to create a hail of light blasts by opening the dome of the Umbrella. She named this move "Destroy Hell Flash" whoever uses this stick.


  • The name Kosame means "small rain/light rain/fine rain, drizzle" (小雨).
  • Kosame's surname Amagai means "rain" (雨) (ama) and "valley" (谷) (gai).


  • Kosame's favorite celebrity is Yusuke Inoue from the NON STYLE duo.
  • Kosame's hobbies include to playing online games, sleeping, using Twitter, collecting plush animals, watching anime, shopping online, and Risuka.
  • Kosame said to Aya Asagiri, Tsuyuno Yatsumura and Rina Shioi that she is fine with dying anytime since she will die anyway because of her cancer, but she still prepares for the Tempest and she doesn't reveal the reasons why.
  • Kosame's character design and personality are strongly influenced by "menhera", a Japanese subculture and movement based around the theme of mental health, vent art, and showing sickness through cuteness.
  • Kosame does not like to introduce herself since she is rather shy.
  • Kosame can be overly dramatic at times.
  • Kosame likes eating sweets and studying the occult while she dislikes garbage and children.
    • The fact that Kosame hates children is ironic, because she has a little brother and a newborn brother.
      • It is unknown why Kosame hates children, but it is implied that she find them boring, unbearable and pestiferous.
  • Kosame's birthday is on November 6.[1]
  • In the Chapter 136, Kosame was not diagnosed with terminal cancer, greatly shocking her doctor as the tumor developing in her body had mysteriously disappeared.
    • This in turn prevented Kosame from entering into severe depression and despair due to her coming death, which in turn caused her to not be selected by the Mahou Shoujo Site and not receive her Box Cutter Stick from Hachi.


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