Kichiro Misumi (美炭 貴一郎, Misumi Kiichiro?) is one of the main antagonists of Mahou Shoujo Site. He is allied with the Administrators.

Appearance Edit

Misumi is a handsome white-skinned young man with light blue hair, black eyes and an expressionless face. His clothing is a suit which consists of black jacket, a white shirt, a tie, black pants and black leather shoes.

Without his clothing, he is seen to have a muscular build as it was seen that he has 8 pack abs.

Personality Edit

Misumi is generally inexpressive, shows no compassion, is calculating and a strong enemy to beat. He has only expressed fear and despair to A, who has been the only one capable of inflicting physical and psychological damage to him. He is also quite calm and joking as seen in Chapter 54 where he asks Kaname Asagiri to lick him one more time before being killed or beaten down.

Abilities Edit

Collection of Sticks Edit

He has a large collection of all types of sticks, after having faked killing Isoko Anjou, who had been giving sticks to people who weren’t related to the Site. The sticks are said to be the sticks that he retrieved from A. According to Chapter 45, the number of sticks possessed by Nijimi Anazawa's sticks is also 31 in total.

Invisibility Edit

  • Thanks to one of his sticks, he has the ability to bend light to his will to make him completely invisible to the human eye.

Healing (Undetermined) Edit

In Chapter 42, he saved the wounded Magical Girls from Kaname Asagiri. He might have healed them by using Kosame Amagai's stick while they were still unconscious or healed them by using a different method.

Trivia: Edit

  • "Kichi" means base, while "Ro" means filtration. "Misu" means mistake, while "Mi" means not yet.
  • It was revealed in Chapter 75 that the large collection of sticks in his basement that were once in A's possession. It was also revealed that Nana and him made a pact, even though he's a human, saying that it's been over a year now.
  • He might identify as homosexual or a sadistic, since he imprisoned Kaname Asagiri and continuously sexually assaulted him. He also has Kaname call him, "master". But he might be fully homosexual as he told Kaname "Ever since the first time I saw you, I was always thinking how good you are. You are so beautiful.".
  • He is often seen wearing a bathrobe or naked when at home.
  • He and Akuta Rintaro, a character from Mahou Shoujo of The End have a few things in common.
  • In Chapter 97, it seems that there was another sister besides Alice Misumi, but that sister loses its lifespan by using the stick and turns out that she died.
  • His hobbies includes cooking, training, bouldering, playing piano.
    • He likes antiques, flowers and beautiful things.
    • He dislikes insects and filthy people.
  • His birthday is on August 10th.
  • The Chapter 109 reveals that Kayo and Sakura saved him from die right after Kaname escapes from his house.

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