Kayo Komura (湖村 花夜, Komura Kayo?) is a protagonists of Mahou Shoujo Site. She is the daughter of detective Keiji Komura and Sachiko Komura and the older sister of Airi Komura.


Kayo is a fair-skinned girl with short violet hair and yellow eyes. The clothes she has worn in the series are limited to her school uniform which is composed of a black coat, white shirt inside, pale pink tie, light gray skirt, black stockings and white shoes. Her emblem when using her stick is the sun.

When using her stick, her hair turns pinkish orange in the ends, like highlights. And her eyes change into the Emblem of her Stick.When using the Tie Stick Kayo look like a slim young man that has the same facial structures and features as her natural Female form.


Kayo is a quite pessimistic and straightforward girl, due to the events that have happened in her life in such a short time. She does not fight back when Melissa Maina Mitsushiro (Kayo's classmate) bullies and taunts her constantly, although she admitted to Takuma (Kayo's childhood friend) that she wants to kill her, but she doesn't want to be like her father.

As the story progresses, it was shown that she starts to smile more often after her friendship with Sakura Sakaki (Kayo's classmate). She is also worried easily as Sakura risked of going to Kiichiro Misumi's basement, which Kayo said that that was reckless.

Despite her recovery from the extreme Misfortune in her life Kayo still harbors extreme anger and resentment to Isoko Anjou for her part in Airi Komura's death and essentially being the root cause of her misery and still states that once the crisis is over she wants to "settle things" with her.
  • Kayo Transformed into a boy using the Tie Stick
  • Kayo Magical Girl Form Colored


Kayo was at first an outgoing and quite optimistic girl, seeing how she would always spend time with her family and friends happily.

Her life changed radically when was 12 years old; Airi Komura was brutally killed by three boys at the age of only 8 years old and Keiji Komura killed the three boys by beheading them in an act of revenge that he ended up in prison for their murders.

Her classmates began to bully and taunt her about her father being a murderer furthering her misery which only grew even worse after she finds out that Sachiko Komura had collapsed where she has been diagnosed to be extremely sick and has fallen into a coma with a very low chance of recovery, she finally entered a state of complete depression and loneliness and eventually collapsed into the despair of her situation until she finally was contacted by the Mahou Shoujo Site and she was given her Compact Mirror stick and Slaughter Note.



Kayo can copy other stick powers via compact when she interacts with any magical girl. Although it has a limitation of only having space for 10 copies of sticks. Currently, she has completed the 10 spaces available to copy sticks. However, she can only use their abilities once. When she uses her stick, her hair changes color and blood flows from her mouth.

Below is a detailed list with all the information known so far of the sticks copied:

Magical Girl Emblem Stick Ability
Sakura Sakaki The Greek letter sigma Σ VIdeo Game Controller Shockwave
Aya Asagiri Heart ♥️ Gun Teleportation
Nijimi Anazawa Spade ♠ Panties Mind Control
Unknown Circle ○ Water Gun Petrification
Unknown Degree ℃ Drum Thermal Change
Unknown The letter Z Unknown Unknown
Asahi Takiguchi The letter H Necklace Enhanced physical abilities
Unknown Female gender symbol ♀ Tie Gender Conversion
Sayuki Ringa The letter X Katana Distant cuts and hardening

It should be noted that there is an eleventh stick, which does not appear in the spaces of Kayo's original stick but was used by her at a time of importance in the series.

Magical Girl Emblem Stick Ability
Unknown Exclamation mark ! Syringe 3 Minute Amnesia
Unknown Asterism sign ⁂ Pinwheel Wind Currents Creation
Unknown Both sided arrow ⇔ Dice Replication
Kosame Amagai The letter Q Box Cutter Healing
Alice Misumi Roman numeral Ⅳ Flip Phone Rewind
Touko Arareya The infinity sign ∞ Conductor's Baton Explosion
Hiroko Shimozono The asterisk sign ✽ Remote Controller Causing Diseases
Rina Shioi Diamond ♦ Hammer Break Surface
Unknown The letter J Lamp Storage

Laser Beams

After Kiyoharu Suirenji exhausted her lifespan destroying The King's multi layered barrier, Kayo took the Teddy Bear Stick and she proceeded to finish off the King by blasting her with the Sticks Laser beams, further doing damage by transforming herself into a boy to finally finish her off.


  • The name Kayo means "flower, blossom" (花) (ka) and "night" (夜) (yo).
  • Kayo's surname Komura means "lake" (湖) (ko) and "town, village" (村) (mura).


  • Kayo was given a stick and the Slaughter Note by Nana.
  • Kayo made her debut anime appearance on the Episode 6, although it was a cameo and she was one of the many girls shown in the photographs.
  • Kayo and Aya Asagiri have similar traits:
    • They are both the main protagonists of each story.
    • They both have a male character caring for them:
    • They both made a friend who they became closer as the story progresses:
    • They both almost experienced rape,
      • Aya was almost the victim of rape  
      • Takuma (Kayo's childhood friend) was the victim of rape, although he was saved at the last minute.
  • In the Chapter 84, Kayo used Alice Misumi's stick to save the other Magical Girls, what it is not known what ability it replaced.
  • Kayo's birthday is on April 17.
  • In the first and second year, Kayo and Takuma were in the same class, but Takuma was transferred in another class in the third year.
  • Despite watching television, Kayo does not know Nijimi Anazawa.
  • In the Chapter 136, it was shown that Isoko Anjou didn't become "A" and she never investigated the Mahou Shoujo Site.
    • This in turn created a Domino Effect, since Isoko never became "A" she never handed out a Stick to the three boys, as result Airi Komura was never murdered by them, and in turn Keiji Komura, never killed the three boys for revenge, in turn Sachiko Komura, never got sick to the point of ending up in a coma, this in turn prevented Kayo from being bullied by her classmates Melissa, Ray and May and thus she was not selected to become a magical girl.
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