Katana (日本刀) is the stick that is used by Sayuki Ringa.


This stick is much more dangerous than what it looks like. This stick is similar to Sarina Shizukume's stick as it could cut anything in it's way. The only difference is that Sarina's stick slices and while Sayuki's stick cuts.


The stick is a black katana. On the koiguchi of the sword, it has a pair of devil wings with the letter X on the guard,the handle of the katana is decorated with x shapes across the handle colored pinkish purple.


Great Swordsmanship

The sword send cuts across space and successfully snipe someone from considerable distance,provided they have good aim.


Anything that the blade cuts hardens, if it cuts gases or liquids it transforms it into a solid,if it cuts a solid it causes the target to petrify and turn into stone instead.

In Chapter 99, Sayuki displayed a new power of her stick, the "True Extent" of its power, she can now cause the petrification to spread across the entire body of the target,needing to only cut/nick her target once, as seen when Sayuki managed to petrify Go and her Demon Blade Kuimaru after only cutting through the blade, the petrification began from the sword and spread into Go's body.

Summon Lightning

This is only in the anime adaptation, not in the original manga. As shown in Site Episode 12, when the clones of Hachi were chasing Sayuki and Mikari Izumigamine, Sayuki jumped down and cut them all while summoning lightning and electrical discharges, similar to the ability of the Wooden Staff.


It can strengthen itself as said in Chapter 49.


  • In Chapter 129, Sayuki's parents, stated that they had both once used their Daughter's Stick, thus allowing them to escape being absorbed by the the King during the Tempest,both of whom vowed to avenge their daughter, Her Mother in particular took up her Stick in order to battle the King.
  • Formal name is Mato (魔刀).
  • The Katana Stick has the opposite but similar power to the Axe Stick, the Katana Hardens and solidifies whatever it cuts, While the Axe can cut anything not a Solid.
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