Juushi (拾肆, Juushi?) is one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.


Juushi has a feminine appearance. She has long, light blonde hair in a high ponytail and a white skin complexion. She wears a black coat, long black boots and a mask similar to the main antagonist of the popular American horror movie "Scream".


Juushi seemed to have been one of the more reserved Admins as she was only seen listening to her fellows in silence during meetings, but like the rest of them showed a brutal callous disregard to life as well,as seen when she didn't hesitate to murder Mikari and attempted to do the Same to Sayuki and Asahi, she was shown to be one of the more intelligent Admins as seen when she took extra precaution when handing out Sticks, as seen when she laid a trap for any would-be attackers, she's also shown to be the most cowardly Admin as seen in her typical battle tactics. as her typical method was to create a decoy clone, fool her opponents to think they have already killed her, then launch a sneak attack from a safe distance away.

Sticks Given



She can shoot beams of light from the eye sockets through her mask. She killed Mikari Izumigamine with this ability. This power is also is also shared with the ability of the Teddy Bear which is one of the sticks in the Collection of Sticks.It has been hinted that this power was Originally the Perfume Bottle Sticks Ability beforeiit dissapated in a puff of black smoke along with its Magical Girl who was used to create Juushi.


She can make a perfect copy of herself, she has been seen using these copies as decoys to ambush her targets, the only difference between them is that when her copies are destroyed they don't revert back into her true body. This power is similar to Hachi own cloning power, with the only differences being that Juushi seems to only be able to produce a single clone .


  • Her name translates to "Fourteen".
  • Her face/mask is based on the old painting "The Scream", which has also adapted to the popular horror movie "Scream".
  • In the recollection of Sept Chapter 10, the magical girl holding the perfume bottle Stick exhausted the life span and died,where she was then used to create Juushi.
    • However, the magical girl who had the perfume bottle stick is obviously a different person from the girl who appeared from Juushi who was knocked down in Chapter 82, details are unknown.
  • Juushi's laser beam power seems not fairly common as the Teddy Bear Stick and Ichi have displayed the same powers.


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