Juusan (拾参, Juusan?) is one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.


Juusan has the face of a pig and wears a nun costume with a cross necklace. Her original human form is shown to have light brown hair.


She is first seen during the meeting of Site Administrators. When Juuni returns to the meeting room after being controlled Jirou Asagiri using the Panties Stick, Juusan laughs at the situation and calls Jirou a pervert for wearing Nijimi's panties. Juusan appears alongside the other Admins during the King's awakening, and when they are sent to kill the remaining Magical Girls in Tokyo. While fighting Aya and Sarina, Juusan uses her power to attack them from below ignoring their barrier, but Aya teleports them out of danger and teleports Sarina right next to Juusan. Sarina then wraps her Yo-yo stick around Juusan, calls her a "boneless ham", then kills her by slicing her to pieces. Her body is then shown reverting to its original form.



  • San using his skill.

She's shown to have the power to conjure steel pipes/spears from the ground in order to impale her targets, in Chapter 120 it was shown that she killed one of the magical girls this way, later in Chapter 122 it was shown that even the Mechanical Pencil barrier power wasn't able to repel this particular ability as the metal stakes still appeared Inside the barrier.


  • Her name "Juusan" means the number "thirteen".


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