Juuni (拾弐, Juuni?) is one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.


Juuni has the appearance of a woman wearing a Playboy bunny costume, including a small dress that reveals her cleavage, shoulders and legs, a pair of bunny ears, and a bunny tail. She has long black hair and wears a Tengu mask.


She proves to be a quite impatient as she constantly berates for fellow admins to hurry up with their work, and seems to have a short fuse as she gets enraged easily from the taunts of her fellow admins, later she shows that she seems to enjoy the sadness she inflicts on others as she revealed details on Aya's true past hoping to see her in sink into sadness only later to recklessly attack her when she didn't.

On the other hand, she still seems to have enough common sense in her as she called Mr. Asagiri a pervert and a sick man because of how he treats his family and wearing panties meant for a girl.


Black Hole

She can create a black hole that erases/destroys anything/everything it engulfs within its radius, as seen when a single ball was able to destroy 2/3thirds of Aya Asagiri's house.


She's first seen during the Administrators' meeting. She's later sent to assassinate/kill Aya's family. She enters the Asagiri house through the computer screen in Aya's bedroom, then surprises the family by walking down the stairs. However, Aya's father was wearing Nijimin's panties Stick, and he uses its power to force Juuni to leave the house. Back in the Administrators' meeting room, Juuni is chastised by Juuroku, who tells her that if she fails again she "will no longer have a seat on this council". Juuni angrily replies that that is not up to them to decide, and Juushichi tells her to just go back and finish the job. Once she's back in the Asagiri home, she hears the family's fight and proceeds to times her entrance with the moment in which Mr. Asagiri body is about to give out for misusing his Stick without knowing the price. She thus then summons a black hole that swallows almost the entire house, but Aya manages to teleport her family to safety just in time. Juuni then asks Aya why she cares so much for people who are not even related to her and have only brought her sadness, revealing to her that she is adopted and that Tsuyuno Yatsumura, in fact, her biological younger twin sister. Aya is shown to be at peace with this revelation, which angers Juuni further, calling her a miserable wretch she tries to destroy them again by firing a Black Hole right at them, which was then teleported by Aya right behind Juuni destroying her upper body completely, killing her.


  • Her name Juuni means the number "twelve."
  • Her face/mask is based on the Tengu.


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